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Your Questions About Section 80

September 9, 2012

Nancy asks…

What do runners compare the section (80 miles north of Beijing) of the Great Wall Marathon to?

Administrator answers:

My partner and i was in China past week.
In China virtually all of the sites are generally blocked.
You may not reach web sites such as Youtube as well as Facebook.
I extremely recommend utilizing some sort of VPN service to be able to unblock internet sites within China.
Google ‘mastervpn info’ their service operates superb within China.

James asks…

Is there any tax saving procedure over and above 80 C section?

I’ve made all possible investments, including the housing loan, etc.
Curious to know if there are any other means of savings tax over and above the eligible limits of 80 C and Housing loan benefits.

Administrator answers:

Hi Nirmal,

Section 80C include following investment for tax saving purpose
Deduction under section (80C, 80CC, 80CCD,) 80CCF and 80D for financial year 2011-12

Section 80CCF: Infrastructure Bonds (IDFC Infrastructure Bonds 2011-12)

Deductions Under 80C, 80CCC and 80CCD for Tax Planning

Jenny asks…

Please tell me rebate under Section 80 DDA under I.T.Act .How to avail it?

Whetther section 80 DDA exisists or not?

Administrator answers:

Rebate U/S 80 DD : Medical treatment of handicap dependent / relatives RS 40.000/- ( 80DD & 80 DDA Rs 40,000/-in total with proof of expenditure or declaration of expenditure)

(c) Rebate U/S 80 DDB: Deduction in r/o medical treatment for himself or dependent relatives RS.40000//-.Medical Certificate must be in prescribed From No.10( from Doctor registered with IMA with post Graduate Qualification with proof of expenditure or declaration of expenditure).

Donald asks…

How much charge is contained in a section of the line of length 2.80 cm?

The electric field 0.300 M from a very long uniform line of charge is 750 n/C .

a) How much charge is contained in a section of the line of length 2.80 cm?

Administrator answers:

The electric field of such a line is radial. If we use Gauss’ Law to construct a cylinder concentric with the line of charge and of radius r, the field will be perpendicular to the sides of the cylinder and uniform throughout its area. The electric field will also be parallel to the ends, so they won’t affect the integral. If the length of the cylinder is ?, the cylinder’s radius is r, and the charge enclosed by the cylinder is q, then
q = A?oE = 2?r??oE
In this example,
? = 2.80e-2 m,
r = 0.300 m,
E = 750 N/C, and
?o = 8.85e-12 C²/N-m²
The amount of charge in this section of line will therefore be
2? (0.300m) (2.80e-2m) (8.85e-12 C²/N-m²) (750 N/C)
= 3.50e-10 C

Sharon asks…

Is employee contribution of PF exempt under section 80 ccc?

Administrator answers:

ELSS (Equity linked savings scheme) comes u/s 80CCC not PF or PPF.

PF & PPF comes under section 80C. It is exempt u/s 80C.
The maximum exemption allowed u/s 80C is Rs.1 lakh per year.


Chris asks…

RHH: Out of 10 Tacos, How many Tacos do you give Section 80?

BQ: Am i reg? idk, just wondering.. i mean i been answersing for a while now, am i finally honored to the prestiegous title of “reg”?
@oddysey, thats what makes me special :D

Administrator answers:

I give it 10 tacos with some nachos thats how good it is

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