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Your Questions About Section 80

August 9, 2013

Nancy asks…

Does Section 80 (Kendrick Lamar) remind you of Mind Over Matter (Zion I)?

Both of these westcoast albums have a loose similar style to each other imo

Mind Over Matter

Section 80

Administrator answers:


Charles asks…

When was the last time 2006 WC section had 80 questions…!?

Do you think that by time it will just get worse and will finish abandoned? :(

FQ:Do you think Arsenal players celebrated new year or went to sleep before 12am?Cuz they had a match on 1st January…

Administrator answers:

Abandoned? Someone should tell arshan that mrs mat. Is back.

Paul asks…

Section 80 expectations?

what are you expectations for section 80 and will you buy it?

Administrator answers:

Overly Dedicated is what got me into him, so hopefully it’s something like that.

I’m buying.

Richard asks…

RHH: Buy or Buy: Kendrick Lamars Section 80 is best mixtape of the Year?

BQ: Favorite Reg?

BQ2: Reg u dislike the most or dumbest?
Aite FCK u guys for putting me on the spot. So now I’m dropping some knowledge on u motherfuckas it wasn’t a studio album. It was a retail mixtape/ digital album but not a studio album he hasn’t dropped one yet so yea stfu

Administrator answers:

Buy a hard copy thats actually signed on his record labels website. The sites down but you could probably email them for a way to buy it. ADHD is my favorite song

William asks…

Fenway Section 74 or 80?

I am about to buy a pair of red sox tickets but idk what section is better. Section 74 5 rows from the grass or section 80 4 rows from the grass and which section is closer to the ball boy down the left field line??????? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Section 80 4 rows

Robert asks…

Kendrick Lamar – Section.80 or Lil Wayne – Carter IV?

Section.80 all day

Administrator answers:

Section.80 all day everyday. Carter 4 was pretty wack.

Chris asks…

Kendrick Lamar Section.80?

What’s the best song on Kendrick Lamar’s Section.80?

Administrator answers:

Personally i’d say A.D.H.D or The Spiteful Chant

Mary asks…

What is this “80% of the country is Christian nonsense” in the politics section?

Granted, 80% of the country celebrates Christmas, but a good majority of them do it in a secular way. And granted, maybe about 80% of the country does believe in a supreme being, but that doesn’t make them Christian either.

Why do they try to inflate their numbers so much?

Administrator answers:

Lots of people simply answer “Yes” or “Sure” when asked if they believe in God.
It’s not an accurate count of real Christians just a count of average people who don’t spend much time worrying about religion. Maybe they go to church on Easter or get superficially upset if their kid says he doesn’t believe in God. Pretty average.

John asks…

Is Section. 80 an album or a mixtape?

I was commenting somewhere and a guy told me that Section. 80 was a mixtape since Kendrick called it a mixtape. I recall Kendrick saying that he didn’t consider Section. 80 to be his real debut album. But he didn’t call it a mixtape did he? I’ve seen people jump on others for calling it a mixtape, but not the other way around.

So two questions:
1. Did Kendrick call it a mixtape?
2. Is it considered an album regardless of what he says it is?
@Joe84, yeah I mentioned that song when I was replying back to the guy who said it was a mixtape. In “The Heart pt.2″ Kendrick called one of his mixtapes an EP, even though it had 15 tracks, to defy what was expected of him and send the message that corporate (a music label) would never be to control what he does with his music. I guess he applied the same concept to Section. 80 with the fact that most people with call it a debut album since it’s so good, but he doesn’t call it a debut album since he plans on releasing something even better as the debut.

Administrator answers:

Yeah, it kind of falls somewhere in the middle. Its technically a “Digital Album”, its an official release but you can’t buy a physical copy of it. It defintely would be considered an album over a mixtape no question, but he doesn’t consider it his official “debut”.

1. Not sure, I just know he doesn’t consider it his debut album
2. I think so, its kind of in the same vein as Big KRIT’s last 2 releases, neither of them were his debut album’s but I wouldn’t call them mixtapes either.

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