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Your Questions About Section 80 Download

September 25, 2012

James asks…

How do i uninstall the trial version of starcraft 2?

I tried to download the guest version of starcraft 2. Though seeing as it wont work, im inclined to uninstall it so that the 80 gb of memory it took can be reimbursed to my computer. However, it is not in the add or remove program section. So how can i delete it?

Administrator answers:

Ol go to programes then click the program u want to delete then see if the program is in the folder if it is then click the uninstall button if not then well hm……. Go to add remove program and look again

Ruth asks…

RHH: Is a legit site to buy hard copy mixtapes?

Yes, I know you can download mixtapes for free through various websites, but I want to buy the hard copy of Kendrick Lamar’s “Section.80“. It’s available on Mix Unit, but I’m not sure if it’s the official copy or not. Is this site trustworthy?
@Eric: He actually did release autographed copies through his website, but they’ve been sold out for awhile. I’m trying to find other places to purchase it from.

Administrator answers:

I would not trust it. Just stick with datpiff for all of your mixtape needs

Joseph asks…

please read additional details i got microsoft points and (the whole question is mentioned below)?

I wanted to download wade barrett justin gabriel and david otunga and i downloaded and it was downloading usually, when you press back, still its downloading but when i downloaded justin gabriel i lost 80 microsoft points 80 for nxt arena, 80 for wade barrett and 80 for david otunga because it wasn’t in the downloaded section. And when i went to wwe shop it was saying that you already purchased this item. So can you tell me why!!! Please!!!

Administrator answers:

Then, you will need to check if you purchased the item.. If not, then consider contacting the service about this… Maybe, they can help you with that problem.. There is no way to fix the problem by yourself…

Good luck!

Thomas asks…

@DRAKE you might have officially beat me?

@ failing that is…i got so much hate for my nas question………but damn i labeled clearly

SINCE MY ANSWER LIMIT IS UP what do you think of chiddy bang

so to answer you and waste my 5 points, yeah a kid named cudi is well worth the download

no offense >>> and drake album in my opinion

cudi gets too much hate in here, sorta like you do but you bring all yours on, kid cudi didnt do sh*t to this section lol

and for the rest of you guys

BQ: i asked this earlier too but there are different regs now so what is your favorite song from section 80?
HE ASKED IF THE MIXTAPE A kid named cudi was worth the download vut i couldnt answer cuz you fags dont pick me as BA and im level 3…nah im playin but i am outta answers

Administrator answers:


BQ: Hiii power ..

Charles asks…

Itouch help. Capacity section “other”?

On my 16g Itouch, I downloaded 22 appliances, 168 songs, 5 photos, and 80 videos. On the capacity bar, it says the music contains 1.06 GB, Photos 7.1 MB, Appliances 144.2 MB, OTHER 8.17 GB, and Free 5.16 GB. Because of the OTHER section taking up 8.17 GB, i cannot sync my videos because the videos take up 6.68 GB and there is only 5.16 GB remaining. Without deleting my apps, how can i transfer my videos without deleting anything else and why does the OTHER section have 8.17 GB?

Administrator answers:

Other probably includes album art and lyrics.

William asks…

Why is my computer running so slow?

I don’t want any joke/stupid answers.

My computer is normally quite speedy, but lately it’s been slow. I haven’t downloaded any new programs since it’s last been running properly. In the CPU section of the task manager, the ‘System Idle Process’ is hovering at about 80-95% CPU. I only have MSN and a web browser running.

More info: My computer runs on Windows XP and has 4 GB of memory. Please help me, thanks.

Administrator answers:

Slow computer syndrome could be caused by a whole bunch of different reasons. Here is the list that you should consider checking through. This contains both the problem and suggested resolutions. The site Speed Up Your Slow Computer gives you more detail on this.

Problem : Hard Drive Is Too Full And You Need To Free Up Disk Space
Solution 1 : Purchase a new hard drive and transfer your files
Solution 2 : Uninstall programs and applications you don’t need
Solution 3 : Search for and delete files that you don’t need
Solution 4 : Search for and delete duplicate files
Solution 5 : Backup outlook files and save to another storage device
Solution 6 : Run the disk cleanup utility tool
Solution 7 : Move large files that you seldom access to another hard drive
Solution 8 : Clean up Service Pack and Windows Fix/Patch installations
Solution 9 : Delete temporary files
Solution 10 : Delete temporary internet files
Solution 11 : Remove system restore points
Solution 12 : Compress files
Solution 13 : Delete the memory.dmp file in C:WINDOWS or C:WINNT
Solution 14 : Run the “compact pst” feature in MS Outlook

Problem : Hard drive is fragmented
Solution 1 : Purchase a defragmenter to defragment your hard drive
Solution 2 : Use the windows defragmenter to defragment your hard drive

Problem : Registry is corrupt or has errors
Solution 1 : Purchase a registry cleaner to identify and resolve errors
You can also use PC Repair Doctor to fix up all those hidden PC errors on your PC.


Problem : Memory is overloaded
Solution 1 : Stop background programs from running
Solution 2 : Upgrade your computer memory
Solution 3: Use memory manager software to release unused memory. Download PC Booster from

Problem : Computer is infected with adware/malware
Solution : Use a scanner to find and remove adware/malware

Problem : Computer is infected with viruses
Solution 1 : Scan for and remove viruses
Solution 2 : Block viruses from coming in

Problem : Your operating system settings are suboptimal
Solution 1 : Change memory.dmp settings
Solution 2 : Switch off hibernate function

Problem : Your hardware drivers are out of date
Solution : Update your hardware drivers

You can also use PC Repair Doctor to fix up all those hidden PC errors on your PC.

Lizzie asks…

Computer internet speed question?

Hi. I want to ask a question that hopefully someone else would know. All month, my computer speed was average, but my internet download and upload was awful. At 20 kb/s was download. then, one day I was downloading a 100 mb file, and it was going at an improving 60, 80 kb/s! Does anyone know the reason? I just don’t know, I started a download and boom, there it was, and none of my family knows either. Could someone have cleared some amount of space? The last thing I saw that may have made this difference was on my downloads section(firefox) it had nothing, while before days ago it had at least 10, 20 files I guess. What do you think? If anyone knows , give me a suggestion..
thanks for the starting answers and to answer one of you I’m using a wireless router hooked to a wired modem(which the modem is hooked to router) to be honest, I haven’t done any security options on my router, so someone could have freely used it from outside my house. Could that make any speed difference if I decided to put a wep key on my router(I have no wep key, so someone could just freely use it as access point). I don’t know…Also to other answers that said files had nothing to do with it, you may have a point, and I know about torrents, but never used any in a while. Now if I could narrow down the cause of my download speed improving( as of now, its still 60 kb/s) which is good for my isp (fastaccess dsl lite). Any more answers?
To the person that explained torrents and seeds, you might be on to to something. I actually have a program(bittorrent) and I downloaded a couple of games earlier this year, and I finished some, but some I removed. Could the seeds, peers remain? If so, then does that effect my speed? If so, then I checked bittorrent, and nothing was on there, so it must have been cleared, however I remove the downloads. I’m trying to ask that is it possible that you can remove downloads, but seeds and peers remain? I apologize for not making sense, as I don’t know much about peers and seeds….To be honest, if you can’t answer my question, is seeds and peers good, or bad? Thanks to the answers, you’re really helping me out.

Administrator answers:

Files on your computer has nothing to do with the internet. It could have been your ISP problem, or if you were downloading torrents, you should read more about seeds and peers.

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