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Your Questions About Section 80 Kendrick Lamar

August 24, 2013

Mandy asks…

What happened to Kendrick Lamar’s message like in Section 80?

To me his two new songs suck and that now he’s done with his clever lyrics and actually overall something more than “weed,hoes,money, and cars”. He basically had a song ONLY talking about that. I don’t know his lyrics may have some meaning I haven’t found but, right now kendrick lost it imo. I just want your guys opinion and if you feel the same so it doesn’t seem like I’m the only one out there.

Administrator answers:

Eh, I think you’re over-reacting, it’s just two songs. Personally, I wasn’t expecting Kendrick to release anything super sophisticated since we’re talking about his first singles as a more visible artist. Big KRIT did the same thing with his new album and obviously, KRIT hasn’t lost anything (ie. 4eva n’ a day). He just had to release singles that would build his fan-base, but there were still good songs on the album. No doubt the same thing is going on with Kendrick.

Also, look over Swimming Pools on RapGenius or something:

First verse Kendrick is talking about how he grew up in a household of drinkers “Now I done grew up round some people livin’ their life in bottles”. The hook is the mindset of a lot of people who drink, the mentality that you gotta get completely f’ed up. The second verse is Kendrick’s conscience telling him to stop drinking.

But yeah, two singles aren’t the end of the world. Could’ve said the same thing when he released “Michael Jordan” before Section. 80 came out. I’ve been looking over Kendrick’s live performances and freestyles lately, and his rapping is better than ever. We’ll see how the writing is on October 2nd.

Thomas asks…

Just listened to kendrick lamar section 80 is his new album any good?

Only 3 hot tracks on this entire album of 16 songs… Hiiipower, blow my high and the spiteful chant.. is his new leaked album better than this?

Administrator answers:

Only 3 hot tracks? Lol..more like 16. Individual tracks are important but you should also try to view albums as a whole. How the album keeps a theme and how it flows together. An as an album, Section.80 is great and from what ive heard so far good kid, m.A.A.d city will be too, maybe even better. Only time will tell.

Lisa asks…

What is your opinion of Overly Dedicated by Kendrick Lamar?

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Administrator answers:

I liked it, maybe even more than Section.80… Good production and Kendrick is always on.

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