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Your Questions About Section 80 Kendrick Lamar

July 9, 2012

Linda asks…

Where can i purchase Section.80 – Kendrick Lamar?

do you think best buy will have it ? and for those who heard it… what would you rate it ?

Administrator answers:

It’s a digital album. You wouldn’t be able to get it at Best Buy. You can get it off iTunes if you really feel like buying it, but buying music digitally is a waste of money, if it’s not a physical copy…just DL it for free.

It’s a dope album, one of my favorite albums released this year…though opinions are mixed between dope and wack. That’s just another reason to DL it, unless your already a fan of K Dot.

Helen asks…

Drakes take care, kendrick lamar section 80 or lil wayne carter IV?

Administrator answers:


David asks…

RHH:How to get Kendrick Lamar Section 80?

I wanna get that album but on how can i get it on my ipod
@2 Dope Boyz No Never mind i got it

Administrator answers:


Lizzie asks…

Kendrick Lamar: Section 80 album vs The Game: The RED album.?

which album would you buy it you had to choose only 1, and why? Your thoughts people

Administrator answers:

Is it even really a debate? Section 80 is way better than The RED album.

Susan asks…

RHH: kendrick lamar: Section 80 LEAK?
Props to an angelface killah for the link. Aka Wallow Chula champ

Administrator answers:

Someone tell me is it good? I’m not around a comp :(

James asks…

What did you think of Section.80 by Kendrick Lamar?

I’m late on listening to this but I finally did today. And this is my thoughts..

The guy is just not that good of a rapper.. technically. His flow and voice are VERY iffy (I can name maybe two songs on the album where it was above average) and he kinda goes away from actually rhyming in some songs. The production he got for the album was extremely dope on a few songs. He does have a positive message, but he doesn’t bring that with the type of lyricism/skill that, say, Common or Black Thought would. No I’m not trying to compare him to two of the greatest MC’s of all-time, but people are calling him the next greatest and all this bullcrap. I just don’t see it. The album was a 6/10, maybe a 7/10 at best.

Administrator answers:

Think of Kendrick Lamar the same way people think about someone like Kid Cudi and you’ll like him better. Not to say that he can’t be dope or good technically, he just focuses moreso on making dope music.

Anyways Section.80 is one of my favorite albums released this year.

Steven asks…

RHH: Evidence “cats and dogs” or Kendrick Lamar “section 80″?

Which album did you like more?

Bq- better production?
Bq2- anyone check out the styles p curren$y ep? What’d you think?

Administrator answers:

Section 80, I liked Cats and Dogs but Evidence is one of those rappers who
sometimes struggles to support albums on his own. Y’know what I mean?
I felt it was just missing something. But by the end of Section 80 I felt
very satisfied.

BQ: Section 80, loved the feel and soundscapes
BQ2: Not yet, I rarely listen to EPs and mixtapes. I just don’t really give
it any time.

Donna asks…

Kendrick Lamar’s Section. 80. Where can I buy it?

I want to go into a store and get a physical copy of the album. So not from iTunes. I’ve looked online at BestBuy, WalMart, and Target and NOTHING! Any help?

Administrator answers:

Go to

He has a couple CD’s on there ( not mix tapes, but real CD’s).

Michael asks…

Should I buy The Roots’ Undun or Kendrick Lamar’s Section .80?

I have streamed both albums, and I love both of them. But as of now, I only have the money to afford one of them. Which one should I buy?

Administrator answers:

Definitely Undun

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