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September 18, 2012

Donna asks…

what is the differance between a studio apartment and a 1 bedroom apartment?

what is the differance between a studio/efficiency apartment and a 1 bedroom apartment? like what is the average sizes? what is the floor plan like for both of them? is a studio/efficiency meant for only one person? or can there be two living in it? anyone have pictures to show me?

Administrator answers:

The only difference between a studio and a 1 bedroom apartment is that studio apartments generally have a very open floor plan. This usually means that you have no seperated bedroom to speak of. Your living/dining/bedroom will all basically be in the same place. With a 1 bedroom you will have seclusion and walls for more privacy; studios lack this but allow a free working floor plan.

From personal experience with living in both, I would suggest (if you are not on the shy side and you are pretty neat and tidy) I would opt for the studio, due to the fact that you have a choice in where to place your furniture and can easily redecorate when you want. However, if you are messy and do not like for guests to see where you sleep I would go for the traditional 1 bedroom.

Also, if you have a great deal of furniture, or if your furniture is on the large size, (like mine was), the studio provides you with enough space so that you do no feel crowded.

If you have a room mate who is not your significant other, I would not suggest the studio. Unless you are really close friends, I do not believe you would enjoy sharing the same bed.

In my sources, I’ve put a website where you can see some different floorplans for apartments.

Joseph asks…

Is it possible for a college student to live in a studio apartment?

I plan on living off campus, and I see that there are some apartments in LA that have studio apartments, is it rare for college students to live in a studio apartment or is it more popular for a college student and a roommate to have there own rooms?

If being in a studio apartment is more popular for college students what are the pros and cons living with someone in a studio apartment?

Administrator answers:

Whether it’s “popular” or not, I don’t know. That said there are certainly lots of college students who share even one-bedroom apartments with someone else because they either can’t afford a bigger one or just want to save the money.

The pro of course is that it’s cheaper to get a studio or even a one-bedroom than a two-bedroom or bigger. The con is that especially in a studio, you won’t have ANY privacy. Studios typically don’t have a “bedroom” – you either put your bed anywhere in the apartment or there might be a space with an extra wall for some semblance of privacy. So, you wouldn’t really have any privacy if it was only you there, and you certainly won’t if you’re sharing it with someone.

If it’s worth losing your privacy to save the money, then go for it. Otherwise, you might at least look for a one-bedroom to share – then you can share the bedroom for sleeping purposes but if you need to be apart for a while one of you can take the bedroom and one can take the living area.

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