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February 16, 2013

Ruth asks…

When living in a city apartment, what is the point of a studio apartment?

I mean im new to this, i’ve never heard of this kind of apartment b4. I’ve heard of Lofts and i actually think there cool looking. But if you live in a studio, then your bedroom is in the middle of the living room, kitchen, and its right next to the front door. Can you ever have people over? Do you live in one and what do you think of it?

Administrator answers:

Rent in most big cities can be really expensive. If you’re single, then a studio is the cheapest way to live.

Yes, it’s uncomfortable, but that’s the price to pay for the luxury of living in the city.

I live in Toronto, and rents are sky-high in the downtown area. I live in a small one-bedroom. It’s really small (not a studio though), but I wouldn’t give up the size if it meant giving up my location. I love my neighborhood, and if I had to choose a studio to be able to live here I would.

Lisa asks…

Where can I get specialist furniture for a studio apartment?

I am buying a diddy little studio apartment. Do any of you know where I can buy specialist furniture for a small furniture, and places that are good for fitting kitchens and bathrooms for midgets in studios? :)

Administrator answers:

Same places that fit out static caravans/log cabin type holiday homes.

Thomas asks…

How do I maxmize space in a studio apartment?

I am moving into a studio apartment. How do I maximize space and create definition? For instance, my kitchen and living area does not have a division. How can I create the illusion of two separate areas?

Administrator answers:

Always think “minimalist”, simple being more elegant.
Instead of having your bed, headboard against the wall, have the bed sideways….almost like a large day-bed, which can also be used as a sofa.
Use two end tables as bedsides nightstands (one for bedside things, the other for living room things) on opposite ends, and forgo a coffee table.
Use one entertainment center to hold TV, all electronics & sound equiptment, use also as a book shelf….adjust it into a corner.
In the opposite corner adjust your computer desk.
Use mirrors instead of pictures to create an illusion of more space.
Use a decorative oriental type fold out space divider to “separate” the kitchen/dining area.
Also purchasing a breakfast bar type piece with tall back bar stool type chairs will help define an area.
Use different color schemes to help with definitions.
If you do have a sofa, do not put it against a wall, use the back of the sofa as a divider.
It is quite acceptable in room design.
Keep in mind that “clutter” will destroy a studio apartment.
Use those stackable plastic containers with drawers that you can purchase at Walmart for little to nothing.
Keep everything in them from clothes to papers to junk.
A stackable shoe rack too.
Think UP & DOWN, instead of SIDE to SIDE.
If you have a shelf in your closet, get a wire shelf divider.

I have a large townhouse with two other roommates, so I spend 95% of the time in my own room. It’s 15 x 15, the size of most studio apartments. In it I have a king size bed, a very large corner type computer desk, two large bookshelves, one small bookshelf, a large entertainment center, an end table, a large computer desk chair, a trunk, a drawer container unit, a mini-fridge, a ten tier shoe rack, a laundry rack w/ laundry bag & shelves, with tons of clothes either haning, in space divoders on top, or in stacked drawer containers.
I have a huge amount of open space to move around & exercise in, with around 200 books and 400 CDs, and my own wet bar with a mini-fridge. I could actually put a micowave or coffee maker in here but I thought I’d be over doing it.
It is very spacey, clean, neat, organized & tidy. If I can do this with a bedroom, you can certainly do it with an apartment.
Just keep in mind, if you don’t NEED, don’t KEEP it.

Sharon asks…

How much would a studio apartment in a nice part of LA, California cost ?

Just a little studio apartment with air conditining, and apliances. Not in a bad part of LA.

Administrator answers:

1500 a month and up.

David asks…

How much would a studio apartment cost in New York?

Like the question says, how much would a studio apartment in New York cost? More specifically, in Brooklyn or Queens. Thanks so much in advance!

Administrator answers:

To buy in Queens? Around 250k for a standable one, renting would be closer to $700-900

Sandy asks…

What would be the estimated bills and council tax for a studio apartment?

I just found a studio apartment in Hertfordshire but the rent is exclusive of utility bills and council tax. Since I am going to be staying alone in the flat, am I eligible for a discount? Also who knows anything about the average rate for council taxes in welwyn-hartfield council? Lastly, can you give rough estimate for bills (electricity and gas) in a self-contained/ studio apartment?

Administrator answers:

Council tax is based on banding, which is based on the value of the flat. So if it’s a swish new one your c. Tax could be high. If it’s an old grotty flat the c. Tax will be cheap.

Yes you can get single persons discount off c. Tax – 25% off. The council will write to you when you move in, you fill in the form and send it back. As a guide, at my previous (and grotty old) flat I paid about £65 a month.

Rough estimate for bills: gas £20-40 per month, same for electricity. Depends on how much you use, if it’s a self contained flat you can’t have gas central heating by law, so it’s electric storage heaters. Which means you can up your electric and lower your gas a bit. Don’t forget water rates too: around £30 per month. Also phone connection, line rental and broadband bill (I assume you wanna be on the net at home). Price of these depends on the supplier. Also TV licence is £10 month approx.

As you don’t appear to know a lot about council tax, it sounds like this is your first flat, yes? If so, welcome to the land of the poor!

John asks…

What is the best way to furnish a studio apartment?

I am a 21 year old college student in Baltimore, MD and will be looking to move into a studio apartment in downtown Baltimore.

What is the best way to furnish a small space?

You made my day for glancing at this and if you can answer and give suggestions, you are a very blessed person!

Peace and blessings, stay lovely and smile…!!!

Administrator answers:

I agree with the earlier answer… You definitely want things that serve more than one purpose. When I had my first studio apartment, I used a shogi screen (japanese rice paper screen, very inexpensive) to give my bed area some privacy. But you can also get a futon that doubles as a sofa. Have your tv in a wall mount tv stand (if your studio apt permits it), this way you can watch it from anywhere in the space. Keep the color and lighting, bright and airy so you feel like you have more room. I have also saw a studio with a walkin closet converted into a bedroom! There is a great show on HGTV called ‘Small Spaces’. I bet you can go to their website for some great ideas as well. I included their link below. One last thing, don’t overload your space. Small places can look overly cluttered really fast. Check out the flylady for tips on keeping it organized. :) Good luck!!!!

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