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August 10, 2013

Richard asks…

What would be the estimated bills and council tax for a studio apartment in slough?

I just found a studio apartment in slough town centre but the rent is exclusive of utility bills and council tax. Since I am going to be staying alone in the flat, am I eligible for a discount? Also who knows anything about the average rate for council taxes in Berkshire council? Lastly, can you give rough estimate for bills (electricity and gas) in a studio apartment?

Administrator answers:

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Mandy asks…

What’s the easiest way to buy a studio/apartment?

I live in Alaska and I’m planning to move to Washington after high school for college. The college I’m going to go to has no dorms. So I have to get an apartment or a studio. How should I do this from out of state?

Administrator answers:

You don’t.

You get on the internet and arrange to see a certain number of places over the course of a few days while you’re living in a mote room. Then you pick one.

Renting a place sight unseen is a big mistake.

What’s the condition? Why didn’t you take a picture of the holes in the screen? You didn’t mention I live next door to the slaughterhouse / sewage treatment plant / Poisonous Road Snakes Motorcycle Club House.

Paul asks…

How much does it cost to own a small studio apartment in midtown Manhattan?

How much does it cost to own a small studio apartment in midtown Manhattan?

Administrator answers:

$400,000-$500,000 for ~ 500 sq feet plus
condominimum/maintenence fee which can be $400 – $800+ / month depending on the building.

Real Estate websites to check for more specifics:

Sandy asks…

What would be good examples of furnishing a bachelor/studio apartment?

I’m not sure of the square footage but my new apartment is a pretty standard sized bachelor/studio unit. It’s not too big and it’s not too small, but it does have a large balcony, kitchenette and lots of closet space.

What are some good examples of decorating small spaces?

Pictures or links to webpages/pics would be greatly appreciated.

I’m not quite sure what style to go for just yet and I’m still deciding if I want to keep my bed or buy a futon to save space.

Administrator answers:

How exciting to be decorating your new place!

Apartment Therapy is all about decorating apartments, and it has great examples of studios. Also, for interesting ideas on inexpensive furnishings, try

HDTV also has some small space features. See the links, below.

Finally, here’s a site that lists the 50 top apartment decorating sites:

Hope this helps!

Chris asks…

How to live in a NYC Studio Apartment?

I’m planning on moving to New York City someday in the next year or two, and I’m just wondering if anyone has any helpful tips on how to get the most out of the limited space of a studio apartment, since that’s what I’m likely to get (if I’m lucky). Please include any links to more information if you can. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Shop at ikea as they have furniture designed for small spaces,

George asks…

Ideas to make studio apartment more like home?

I’m moving into center city Philadelphia this summer for one year. I will be leaving my large townhome and my husband (not permanently) to do so. I’m pretty spoiled by our space and nice home. He is also moving, across the country. Since we’ll be keeping separate households and it’s temporary, I’m only getting a studio apartment to save money, it’s really expensive to live there.

How can I make it feel like home? Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Take some things like home that won’t be missed like a rug or carpet or a vase or something. Plants are also a good idea.

Betty asks…

Anyone know how much a studio apartment in Los Angeles cost?

I have a friend from the UK she just asked me how much would a studio apartment be out here. I’m 17 so I don’t really know much about the cost of apartments I still live with *Hell renters (parents). If you have any idea the price of good studio apartments out here in Los angeles let me know.

Administrator answers:


Lisa asks…

Best furniture for a studio apartment with no closets?

We’re moving from a house with walk-in closets to a studio (one room) apartment while our home is finished. My hubby & I both have a TON of clothes. Any good ideas on make-shift closets?
Thanks for the info. Do you know how much they cost and are they durable? We will prob be here for about 6 months.

Administrator answers:

If you have a moving company like Eastern van lines, American———-or, even a U-haul company near by, they have boxes that have a side that opens with a metal bar that goes across the top of it. I can’t explain them, but, they’re called, wardrobe moving boxes. Since this is temporary for you, why buy furniture? You can fit quite alot of clothes in one of them. Just set it against a wall in your apartment. I had them for a state to state move and now even use them in an attic for seasonal clothes storage.

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