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Your Questions About Studio Apartment Decorating

June 12, 2013

Helen asks…

Is this a good studio apartment? Financial and decorating advice please?

I’m hoping to move out at the beginning of 2010. I know it’s early but I’d like to find something and start saving accordingly. I’ll be turning 18 and getting kicked out of where I live now.

The studio I’m thinking of is here: you can see the floor plans and price for it.

I was thinking of getting a loft bed, and putting my drawer units underneath it, then putting Shoji around it to keep my things more private.

I have a futon couch, round chair, TV (and DVD player) and TV stand, book shelf, and computer desk already. I was thinking of getting a coffee table as well since I can’t get a normal one and a tall lamp

I know i need kitchen appliances and dishware, bathroom rug, toilet seat cover, towels, and cleaning supplies.

I need to check into what utilities are included, but I don’t need cable since I just watch everything on my laptop, and I only use my cell since it’s a pay as I go, and I’m not a big phone person, and I need to plan out for my car insurance, since i’ll be getting my first car soon. I know I’d need to consider my food and gas bills obviously as well

Can anyone give me a good estimate on how much I should be looking to make per month so I can swing all this? My current job is only part time and I get about $900 a month so I can save about half of my income till January when I’d be looking to move. How much more should I look to make? I know the economy is bad but I have a few months to find the other job thankfully. And no, my family will not provide any financial support whatsoever.

I know it’s small but from what I’ve been reading it’s larger than most studio apartments, I think it’s fine for oen teenage girl and a cat though. My girlfriend would be moving in at a later date but I’m sure we could switch to a one bedroom when that time comes.
okay as far as “Decorating” i meant furniture. I LIVE in an apartment now, I know they don’t allow you to paint and gang holes in teh walls.

As far as my girlfriend living with me, it wouldn’t be for about a year, meaning when I renewed my lease she’d move in, and I could put her on it.

SMALL appliances, like a microwave and coffee maker are what I was talkinga about. I’m not retarded here people.

And I’m going to be talking to my boss, who is hiring, to see if I can switch to full time, where I’d take home a little more than double what I do now…

I can understand being honest, but no need to be jerks. –;

Administrator answers:

Studios usually come furnished….probably be doing good to find room for your clothes, tv, kit. & bathrm stuff…….decorating, its not your property, you cant paint an bang holes where ever you want, you need permission first………….

Chris asks…

Any suggestions on where I can find photos of nicely decorated studio apartments?

I am moving into a studio apartment in the next few weeks. I am looking for decorating ideas (especially ways to divide the bedroom from the rest of the apartment). I checked hgtv. Any other great websites I should check out?

Administrator answers:

Apartment Therapy had a “Smallest, Coolest Apartment Contest” where every home had to be less than 850sq/ft. Most of the homes were really cool, so I think you could get a lot of good ideas looking at all the different entries. Go to this site and scroll down to the bottom for links to all the homes.


Mandy asks…

Does anyone know of any websites I can check for ideas on how to decorate a studio apartment?

I would like my studio to have a contemporary style to it

Administrator answers:

Just write on Google, ‘Studio Decoration’ and click. You will get a host of links and sites. I am posting a few :

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