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Your Questions About Studio Apartment Decorating

April 17, 2012

Sandra asks…

Any suggestions for decorating a 475sqft studio apartment?

Im moving in the next couple of weeks and need ideas on how to decorate a studio. Ive never lived in one before and Ive heard they are a pain to decorate. Need help please! Thanks

Administrator answers:

I agree w/ EMG & Stretch.

As for the bed itself. I would build a frame w/ drawers ~kinda like the pedestal under a water bed. & instead of just the norm of 3 on a side, double it up & stack em up. Makes for xtra space U’re gonna need.

The kitchen area is a lil more complicated since U’ll be short on space. I would suggest get’g a couple of Smart Spin Systems. & as U bring food in, transfer it into containers & mark them w/ paper as to what they r & tape it onto the container. Otherwise, U wont have room for much of anything. I have a tiny kitchen so I had no choice but to do containers. *Tip if U get something different, look at how much space it’s gonna take. A Smart Spin takes 1 sq ft & slides out so It’s good for shelves that r a bit back into the cabinet. I love mine & got it at Target.

Living space to separate if U want it to look like it’s own area, buy a rug. Since I dont think the place is goin to like U changing or dying the carpet. It helps break up the room a lil.
I saw this done on another decorating channel just cant remember what it was.
Wall Units or Entertainment centers can be costly so I’d look for Unfinished Wall Units. They’re way cheaper & have lots of shelves & if it doesnt come w/ enough, U can always buy more. I would lay everything out on the floor as if it was on a shelf. That way U know for sure how many shelves it needs to have & if not, how many to buy. WalMart has bookcases for $30 & they’re pretty sturdy~ just need a cordless drill & some muscle. & some smaller bookcases for $23.

If U want something that divides up the living from the dining areas, I’d go w/ fabric curtains, or buy fabric & sew the panels together, chrome or siliver curtain rings, & a chrome curtain rod, some chain & a hook system that U can just pop into the ceiling. It’s easy to do & a good way to separate the area. The curtain rod U’ll have to drill a small hole at each end for attaching the chain. Dont need nothing heavy but just heavy enough for the weight of the fabric, rings, & curtain rod.
Then when U have a House Warming Party or get~together, U can just slide the fabric to 1 side & tie w/ some yarn that matches or whatever.

The bathroom area ~ always fun! If U need more shelving, I’d suggest a Over the Toilet Cabinet. There’s quite a few different ones at Target & if U dont dig the white, U can always paint over it.

I would check the freecycle group in Ur area for paint. There’s always some1 givin it away for free. I just got 5 cans & 2 5 gallon buckets of paint for free in colors I was looking for.

Also, try craigslist for storage tubs & furniture. Granted, if it’s in the free section, there’s not a lot U can do w/ it but, the foam in couch cushions never goes flat, U can make washable Cushion covers for it, & put it in a tub or cut it up if U need to, then fabric it & put it in a tub & pull it out later for company to sit on or lean against or whatever.

I saw this done on a decorating show on HGTv & remember have fun decorating.

John asks…

Ideas for decorating a small studio apartment?

I just put a deposit down on a 540 sq ft apartment, the living/bedroom area is pretty small.. I would like to have a sitting area and a bedroom area though… does anyone have some good tips and/or know a website to look up that does?

Administrator answers:

Buy a dividing wall or put up a curtain between spaces, those two things have worked for me for three years.

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