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January 22, 2013

James asks…

What path in life should i take as a current gymnastics coach?

One of my goals in life is to coach competitive gymnasts and eventually own a gymnastics club. I’m a college graduate (BS in graphic design/computers) currently living in a studio apartment 3 hours from my hometown working as a gymnastics coach. I work 30 or so hours per week. I love being a gymnastics coach. I’m about 75% happy with my job. I am spending almost all my money that i earn. My lease is up in Sept. In the fall there is potential for changes that might make me happier. I think if i stay at one gym, that i’d work my way up. I could be living at home coaching gymnastics and i would be working 10-20 hours per week; i would not be coaching the age group or levels i would like and get paid less. Or i could be living at home and have a full time job not related to gymnastics. (and i really don’t like graphic design anymore). What do i do in the fall?

Administrator answers:

I say, Do what you love!

Are you married? If not maybe find someone who respects your love for gynastics and will work his butt off to earn money and let you do what you love doing

Maria asks…

Looking for comedian that told a fantasy bathroom skit?

i remember a few years ago i was watching Comedy Central Presents and this comedian came on and he was really funny. i cant remember his name but he does a skit where he talks about having Universal Studios design his apartment and goes off on how he would wake up and have to battle to the bathroom and when he gets to the bathroom Darth Vader pops out of the shower or something like that. I keep wanting to say it was Daniel Tosh but i cant find anything like the above in his skits. can anyone help me out?

Administrator answers:

It’s funny

Chris asks…

Does my apartment look like something from a interior design magazine.?

This is my living area in my studio flat in Scotland.What do you think?

I have replaced the black cushion on the white chair with a red one for a splash of colour

Administrator answers:

Looks like an IKEA inspiration. Definitely too much black there.

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