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Your Questions About Studio Apartment Floor Plans

June 18, 2013

George asks…

Need help trying to fit a small desk into a small apartment?

I just moved into a 650 sq ft studio apartment. It’s great except I can’t figure out where to put a small desk (big enough to have a textbook and my laptop open at the same time). The layout of my apartment is exactly as shown in the floor plan below:

Keep in mind, my furniture is pretty much exactly what you see here so as you can see, I don’t have much room left! I was thinking of doing some kind of wall mounted desk that I can fold up on the wall when not using. But where? And what would I do w/ the office chair when not in use? Oh the JOYS of studio living! haha

Thanks in advance!
I love the idea of converting the closet and using a wardrobe!!! GENIUS! I’d REALLY love to be able to mount a small ~24″ flat screen TV on the back of the wardrobe if possible so I can watch TV in bed. There’s no good place for a TV right now in that room and I can easily snake the 2 cables under my area rug from the wall. I’d want power in the unit anyways for lighting…

There is no partition at all in my bedroom (those dotted lines just show ceiling hight changes) The only details you can’t see are the wall between the bedroom and kitchen has a 2′ opening between it and the ceiling (lets light in from the large wall of windows), I have 12′ ceilings, and it’s hardwood throughout except for the wet areas where it’s tile.

Administrator answers:

I’d put the desk on the wall opposite the bed as long as there’s room for people to pass by. You could make a desk from a section of kitchen countertop(26″ deep) if a normal depth desk is too wide. Ikea comes to mind. You can buy a section of wooden countertop and screw legs to it or hang it from the wall at the back with legs on the front only. If that’s not as steady as you’d like, put a couple of L-brackets on it and screw them to the wall. An office chair could be just pushed under the desk when not in use(mine sticks out about 6 inches), or rolled to one end of the desk.

Another possibility: put the desk at the end of the bed, with you facing the bed as you sit at the desk. Leaves more “hallway” space unobstructed, and a TV could go on one end of the desk.

Daniel asks…

How can I define an area in a warehouse studio? Separating the bedroom especially need inspiration and ideas!?

I’ve just moved into a rather funky warehouse type shared apartment- not uber ritzy or anything- and it’s got a really good artsy vibe. However- I’m a little frazzled as to how I can separate my living and bedroom areas without causing too much damage OR costing far too much money.

Firstly- there is ZERO natural light in my area- as it’s partly underground. The fluro’s work well to illuminate the place but it’s really draining. Lamps are obvious- any more creative ideas?

Second- there are exposed beams/rafters for the ceiling. Fine for most of the place- but I feel a little put off when trying to go to sleep. How can I go about covering/ disguising this? It’s just bad Feng Shui!

Lastly- there are no solid walls either- they are half cut out or benches or recesced alcove things. How can I make an illusion of a more solid wall without breaking the bank to build one!

Floor Plan:

Administrator answers:

Well I couldn’t bring up your photos, but I do have some ideas. Hopefully I can describe them so you can understand! I’m hoping my instructions can be visual is what I mean.

For walls……
You can try to find old clothes racks, the metal ones with wheels on them, and cover with inexpensive cloth. Makes great dividers. Or… can get 1×4′s, dowls (little round sticks), and small hinges, drill holes to put the dowls in horizontally to the vertical 1×4′s, and then hang a cheap piece of fabric, sarong, on it weaving it in and out of the dowels. I hope that made sense! It would come out looking like those expensive room dividers. You can also do this with PVC pipes. For the exposed beams/rafters that you don’t want to look at, you can build a make-shift like canopy out of PVC pipes and material. Go on some internet sites like or You can do a search for things like this. Also, another great site where this lady has fantastic cheap ideas… I can’t wait to try her painted linoleum idea!! Good luck. Hope this helps!

Mary asks…

Which apartment is a better buy in Paris? Details below*?

I am a student and this will be my first apartment
Apartment #1
Studio, 700euros per month, water included in rent but not electricity, dryer and washer in apartment, ground floor, 269 Sq.Ft

Apartment #2
One bedroom apartment, 800euros per month, ALL utilities included in rent, 5th floor, 312 Sq.Ft., washer but no dryer in apartment.

Both are located near the university I’m planning on attending. Which do you think is better for the price since I am on a budget.

Administrator answers:

Apartment 2 You can string a clothes line for the dryer. Drunks won’t make noise all night by your window on the 5th floor. No surprise bills from the electric company. A little more space if you have to get a roommate to make ends meet.

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