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Your Questions About Studio Apartment Floor Plans

August 23, 2013

Laura asks…

scaling measurements down on a floor plan?

Im moving into a small apartment and have a lot of furniture (I currently live in a 2 bedroom….

I gave a floor plan with measurements of each wall, etc., for the new place. I’ve also measured my various pieces of furniture; some I’ll be able to take, mostl of it will have to go because of space constraints, (the new place is a studio), so I wont have room to play around with the placement of the furniture once I get there, so everything i do decide to take will have to have a particular spot. II will need to know how to configure it on paper before I move in so I will know what to take with me (what pieces of furniture) and what I’ll have to sell or give away.
Ideally, I would like to be able to make “cut outs” of the various pieces and place them in different areas on the paper floor plan that I have. I’ll also need to make sure there is ample space between each piece and enough “walking room” in between as well.
i know this may seem like a relatively simple question, however I am not good with numbers, etc. This is very important and I need an answer today if at all possible cause I’m moving and I need to know which stuff to keep and what to give away.

Administrator answers:

First of all you will have to decide what scale to use.

Try 10mm = 1.0m or 1″ to 1′

This means if you new place is 10m by 10m then you would draw a square with each side 10 x 10mm (100mm) or if it was 10′ by 10′ then you would draw it 10″ by 10″.

Now take each piece of furniture say an armchair 0.8m by 0.8m Draw a square 0.8 x 10mm = 8mm by 8mm. Or if it was 3′ by 3′ then draw a square 3 x 1″ = 3″ by 3″.

The metric scale (10mm =1.0m) is 10mm:1000mm or a 1:100 scale. A 1″ to 1′ scale is a 1:12 scale.

It all depends on how big your apartment is and how big your piece of paper is.

Good luck

Paul asks…

Where can I find pictures of great interior of houses online?

I’m in need for ideas for the interior of my now-being-built place. It’ll be for the second story that should include living room/bed room/ bathroom. While it’s not finished, the floor plan is already limited to 32 x 26 feet (with stair inside the space). I’m thinking about having half of the room (16 x 26) that doesn’t have the stair all open…and be like a studio apartment, that includes bed and living space. I’m open to any suggestion as well.

Also, I’m looking for ideas for windows/doors to a very small yet very long balcony (3 x 32 plus 3 x 26). I was thinking of folding door, but it might be costly.


Administrator answers:

Go to and use their juried search engine. Sign up if you like it for future stuff I did.

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