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Your Questions About Studio Apartment Furniture

December 17, 2012

Mary asks…

Price for movers for studio apartment?

I am wondering how much it would cost (on average of course) to move boxes and furniture from a studio apartment on the 12th floor to a new one-bedroom apartment that is about 10 miles away. I live in a large city. Like I said, ballpark estimate. I have no idea how much this is going to cost, and I know no one can give me an exact price, but any price range helps!

Administrator answers:

Hire HS or college kids
offer them $10.00 for all but the vehicle

Donald asks…

where can i get furniture like oly studio?

i am in LOVE with oly studio furniture and decor. i am building up my apartment and have a decent budget, just not like $4000 a chair :)

i need some websites or companies that have that baroque/modern combo. i like very light new-england cottage type stuff…white wash wood, faux bois etc. they can have furniture, mirrors, artwork, vases, anything…as long as it’s high quality. ANY suggestions appreciated.

Administrator answers:

You can find new Baroque furnishings on eBay at

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