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Your Questions About Studio Apartment Furniture

April 7, 2012

Charles asks…

Studio Apartment Furniture?

Does anyone live in a studio? What’s a good way to fit everything in there? Any furniture you recommend?

Administrator answers:

Lived in a studio here in nyc for a couple years. Random thoughts:

– Table with sides that fold. Could get four people around it for eating or sitting, but it looks like a shelf almost when it’s closed.
– Murphy bed (people always kinda liked it b/c you don’t see them much.) Opened up a ton of space when up against the wall. But a futon or sofa bed is another choice
– Recliner and a love seat – no full sized sofa :(
– Bought a cocktail table instead of a coffee table. Same look/style but smaller
– Used the back of cupboards and closet doors to hang stuff like shoes, belts, ties, kitchen stuff and a hamper
– Tried to stay away from anything round since it took up more space, lol
– installed freestanding shelves in a couple places like bathroom, kitchen to add additional surfaces to put stuff
– my desk for my computer had a bookcase on top and drawers below so it was all together, kinda like a vertical of the shelves held my tv
– I had an old TV and couldn’t do this, but if you have a flat one, you you could install it on the wall

Hope that helps in a some way. Good luck!!!

Donna asks…

What’s the best website to go to to find nice furniture for a small studio apartment?

My friend is moving into a studio apartment soon and I want to buy him some furniture. The bedroom, living area, and kitchen are all in the same room. There’s also two small closets with shelves and a small bathroom (no counter space but has a bathtub shower combo). I’m mainly looking for a TV, desk, and something to sleep on.

Administrator answers:

Ooooo… Ikea has fun things and they’re priced reasonably. My entire place is furnished from there. I love it!

Mary asks…

Studio Apartment?

I am moving into a studio apartment. I’m really excited and I have picked out the following furniture. The studio apartment is 500sq ft. It only has one closet though and it’s not too big. I also have a small patio. I just wanted an opinion on the stuff I picked out. I have ordered everything but the sofa sleeper.

I also picked up some hanging shelves for the closet so I got that covered. Any economical ideas?

Administrator answers:

Very cute stuff! I think you’ve done a good job in getting several items that won’t take up much room but are very functional. I had a studio once too and had a sleeper sofa. I’d also go for a coffee table or a couple of smaller tables to have somewhere to eat on.

Carol asks…

I will be moving into a studio apartment with my young toddler. Any space-saving ideas for his furniture?

The studio apartment is one room, with a separate kitchen, and bathroom. We are buying all new furniture, so please give me any ideas you possibly have.

Administrator answers:

I live in a studio and I’ve found that by putting my bed on the far end of the room, I have a large open space where I can create a miniature living room. I set my tv on the wall facing the door and my chairs face the tv, this is facing away from the bed which is sandwiched in the opposite end of the room. That way, when I have company no one has to sit on my bed or even be near it. In fact i’ve thought of creating a divider or curtain to separate the spaces and add a bit of privacy.

Jenny asks…

If I rent a “furnished” studio apartment, do I have the option to not use their furniture?

I really want to use my own furniture.

Administrator answers:

Maybe. But sometimes landlords rent “furnished” apartments because they don’t have anywhere else to put the funiture, and it’s cheaper than a rental unit.

Mandy asks…

How much does a rent a studio or 1 bedroom apartment , with fully furniture in Perth,Au?

Administrator answers:

Depending on the area, anything from $150 per week. Browse this site:

Sandra asks…

10 most important pcs of furniture and other things for small apartment or studio ?

I am starting a new business – “Furniture For Small Spaces” – because it’s practically impossible to buy it in the US (please, do not tell me about IKEA! – It’s only people who never visited or lived in Europe think that they sell europian style furniture!)
I know that 83 million americans, including myself, live in apartments. I have some ideas what to offer, but whith your help I will do it much better. Can U, PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN SMALL PLACES, help? – I promise 30% off any product U offer to include in the inventory of my future online store for those who’s product will be selected. One more very important for all of us – the price range of your selected items.- Again, if it will be realistic – extra 10% off !
the brand has nothing to do with the question.

Administrator answers:

Do u mean the brand or do u mean what are the 10 furntiure necessary in a small apartment? Pls be specific
10 important pcs of furniture sofa bed, bar table, (TV and audio/video player) , closet, TV rack, shoe rack, bookshelf, ref, mirror table, curtains

Richard asks…

Studio apartment (36 sq. m) needs low-budget renovation. Decor tips to make it big ( furniture & accesories)?

It’s a low-ceiling house with three compartments( living room-dining room, bedrrom and kitchen). I want to renovate it to make it look big and look elegant. I’ve plenty of books, computer table and kitchen appliances (gas range and microwave). Any tips on colors and texture of curtains, paint and black wooden furniture for dining set. I go for minimalist Zen look. Please tell me where to look for ideas on the Internet

Administrator answers:

For some great ideas on designing, especially if you know what style you’re going for, you should visit HGTV’s Designer’s Portolio:

— It gives you the option of searching by room and style.

The HGTV Web site also gives you options to look at design ideas from their TV shows. With your low budget, you may want to check out some of the design plans from “Design on a Dime,” a popular HGTV show in which all projects are done with a budget of less than $1,000:,1783,HGTV_9056_147,00.html

This pages lists every episode aired. After clicking on the heading you like, find the link on the page under the subheading “IN THIS EPISODE” for a “how-to” list of projects in the room. You might want to check out

For some ideas of a “Classic-Meets-Zen Dining Room,” see this Design on a Dime project plan page:,1793,HGTV_3369_2862047,00.html

Other than that, you may just want to browse the HGTV Web site to see what you can find. It’s chock full of great ideas. You might also want to check the site for the TV show ReDesign.

For another great resource check out the Sherwin-Williams paint color visualizer for some paint scheme ideas, which can be tested out on mock rooms:

Good luck on the redecorating. Happy designing.

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