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February 1, 2013

Sandra asks…

any ideas on how to find a studio apartment in south charlotte, nc?

Administrator answers:

Advertise what you are looking for would be a good start.

Lisa asks…

Any ideas on how much it would cost to turn your garage into a simple studio apartment?

a real simple one. a small kitchen and bathroom add a window .

Administrator answers:


Sharon asks…

Floor covering ideas for rented studio apartment?

I rent a little studio. I have a rather limited budget and so it’s cheap accommodation and unfortunately that means it’s rather run down.

The floors in the bedroom/livingroom area are covered in 2 types of carpet, one greeny brown and the other beige and they are in bad condition. The landlord doesn’t want to replace them and as I agreed to rent it in this condition it’s up to me to make the most of it.

Now, I can’t remove the gross carpet so I need a cheap solution to cover it up attractively. The room is an irregular shape so it would be hard to use rugs. Any ideas??
Thanks for the ideas every one, but remember I can’t remove the carpet as it’s not mine. Need something to go on top.

Administrator answers:

Get a carpet for free and put it on top.

Ruth asks…

I need Asian decor ideas for a SMALL studio?

I need some ideas (pics would be great!) to decorate a very small studio apartment. I want to some sort of room dividers and minimal furnature due to the small amount of space. Please give me some ideas! I have never lived is such a small area before and I really want it to be cute and functional! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I am a big fan of Asian decor. If you can find an area with live bamboo, cut or have someone cut a dozen or so branches just slightly taller than your ceiling. The leaves will turn brown but will stay on if you don’t bother them. Take them to your apartment and cut them to fit floor to ceiling. Place them along a wall or in a corner. Light them from a safe distance to create shadow drama. Bamboo is tough so you need a saw that will cut bamboo. The right saw will go right through it.

Pier One or similar stores–Kirklands, even Target–has large lacquered plates and vases made of bamboo in various color. They are lightweight and well priced. You can buy very reasonable scrolls from Ebay. Go to Ebay and choose Antiques/Asian/China/Scrolls and you will have great choices in lots of themes.

Pier One also has lots of repro furniture that copies the attitude of Chinese antiques.

Reds curtains, blue and white pottery, and green plants are all good. Pillows are a cheap way to add color with Asian prints.

You also could trace and paint large calligraphy symbols of basic Chinese words like ”good fortune” or “long life.”

A buddha would be a good statue but you might go cheaper with a poster.

Your biggest need is for mirrors to open up your space in a Chinese color or bamboo texture. If you are artistic, get a plain frame on a mirror and paint chinoiserie–chinese people, pagodas, etc on it.

Also you might find paper pagodas or paper lanterns on the internet or Ebay or at Ikea that would add some lighting.

RugsDirect or a similar store might have a cheap area rug with a dragon on it. Or other motif.

A Chinese fish bowl, looks like a planter without a hole, and a stand is good for a few fan tail gold fish.

If you are really creative, a corner of your apartment, say 3×3, could be a garden with some sand, rocks, trickle fountain, moss, and again bamboo–fake or real.

Richard asks…

I have a studio apartment and want to separate the sleeping area from the living area. any Ideas?

I would like to separate the my bed from my living area in my studio apartment. i’d prefer for my bed to not be visible at all from the rest of the apartment. i’ve considred some type of sheet or fabric, but I have no idea whereto get one that big. does anyone else know? also do you have any other ideas? maybe something more sturdy. remember, i am only planning on living here for about a year or two, so I dont want to spend much money, or take too long to put up or take down.

Administrator answers:

You could use bookshelves, one with the shelves facing the bed and the other facing the room to use in the way you need for storage or decoration. Or you could use curtains. Hop you find what you want. You could also check out hgtv. Com for more ideas. Design on a Dime has done some studio apartments. Roxanne

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