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August 23, 2013

Donna asks…

How much does the average apartment cost in London?

I am looking for something tiny… either no bedroom (I think they’re called bachelors) or a one bedroom.

doesn’t have to be nice, just average…for a single guy

I was looking on some websites. and they said it was like $7,000.00/week and it was a really trashy apartment… I was like “NOOOOO”

Administrator answers:

We call a ONE room flat a STUDIO…….Could get an affordable one, just outside CENTRAL London, but still in INNER London, in somewhere like Balham, Clapham etc…Google !!! God knows what Elle is going on about!!!

Carol asks…

How much should I save up for University?

I know to get the degree itself is about £3,000 a year (so around £9,000) but I’ll be living in a flat or student halls or something, plus there’s books and stuff, you get the drill…

So for a 3 year course how much money will I need to save up? I’m going to be doing apprenticeships before I go to Uni so I can save up the money, get experience and get extra qualifications. I would get a student loan but I don’t want to be in a giant debt.

Administrator answers:

Student accommodation costs will vary depending on the city that you choose to study in. Living in private student halls offers the convenience of no deposits, all inclusive costs and a ready-made community of other students to get to know. Costs are usually good plus location and student facilities are often far superior than other accommodation providers. Here are some examples of student accommodation costs outside of London. Manchester and Sheffield have large student populations. Wilmslow Park student accommodation in Manchester detailed below is offering all inclusive student accommodation from £99.96 per week and Chandos Hall is similar.

There are also advantages to choosing Private Student Halls as opposed to living in a shared student house – these are:

City centre locations – so commuting easy
All inclusive rents – no additional bills to consider (gas, electric, telephone,internet)
No deposits are required.
Bright modern accommodation
Individual Studio flats or shared apartments with friends
Common rooms with sky TV & vending machines
Gym and Swimming Pool (in some)
50mb Broadband
Pool of fellow students to befriend
Free contents insurance
CCTV security
Key Fob entry systems

Take a look. I hope that this helps you to work out an estimated budget

Chris asks…

Should I buy a studio flat in central London?


I am not sure how best to phrase this question but for a while I have been looking at apartments to rent closer to where I work in the West End of London. In a few months time I will be earning roughly 35-40k a year because I may either change jobs or step into my managers role where I currently work.

So with that out of the way, if I was earning that amount of money a year, would it make more sense to get a mortgage instead of renting, even if I may end up buying a studio apartment?

I have been weighing up the rent I would pay if I was renting against mortgage repayments and also that I need to save up for a deposit.

Other points I should add is I am web developer, 26 years old and only debt I have is student loan. I don’t own any credit cards and I have never been bankrupt.

Forgot to mention I also have been looking at shared ownership but I don’t know if this is a good idea.

Administrator answers:

Flats in central London start at £300,000. You will get a mortgage of 3x your salary once you have a couple of years of employment history. Of course you will also need a deposit of about 15% of the value. You are not there yet.

Buying real estate needs to be done with a 10 year view. Studios only work for singles and you are at an age where you need more flexibility; you might marry or be sent overseas for work. Wait till you can afford at least a one bedroom flat. In the meantime sublet or share.

Shared ownership is a lose-lose. More expensive than renting and you miss out on the upside. Stay away from this unless you have no prospect of getting anything better as it locks you out of the housing ladder.

Charles asks…

Where in London can I get an apartment for £900 a month?

That’s safe and close to transport?

Administrator answers:

Well my place is a large two bed flat for 736 a month AND comes with a small garden! Am between two tube stations AND an overground which takes 15 mins into liverpool street!

On the other hand you could live near clapton/hakney and pay 1200 a month for a 1 bed flat (it’s nearer stoke newington and has an N postcode so attracts more middle class lot like my sister lol)

You could live in Clapham and Fulham and STILL be round the corner from an usafe estate as I did growing up in Clapham!

All areas of London have good and bad pockets, and you can find £500k places up the road from where I live in Walthamstow Village and 500k places in Clapham. Both have good and bad areas and both have a mix or poor and rich! Just depends on what you what and what your willing to sacrifice!
Me personally, I don’t see the point in paying £900- £100+ a month for a tiny cramped studio flat in central London like chelsea when you can get a HUGE place for the same price a littler further out!

My friend got mugged on the Kings road at 7pm on a weekday evening!
Me, Ive never been mugged touch wood and I live in East London now.

So yes it IS possible to find a decent flat for £900 a month and still be in a good transport location AND safer area!

Look on and to get an idea of areas and prices!

Lisa asks…

How hard/easy to move to Ireland?

I’m 16 years old, I’m planning on attending 4 years of college and going to nursing school. As soon as I’m done, I want to move straight to Ireland, with a backup plan of London if that doesn’t work. How easy or hard would it be to move there? I’ve heard that the economy is pretty bad right now, is that true? Because I want a nursing job. I realize it’s going to be pretty expensive between plane tickets/luggage/buying an apartment and everything, but besides all that, how hard is it? (And how much are average plane tickets? lol) Thank you so much for all your help!!

Administrator answers:

Ireland suffered economic meltdown a few years ago, the banks were nationalized, and Ireland has not recovered. Unemployment rates are very high, and even Irish nurses are looking for work in other countries. Of course, hardly any country takes RNs on employment visas any more, and some countries even BSN is not enough to find work & employment visa.

You’ll want MSN (master of science in nursing degree) plus experience & expertise in some rare specialization (perhaps something like pediatric oncology nurse, nurse anethesetist, rehabilitation nursing, etc), then you go wherever you might be able to find a job with an employer willing & ABLE to apply for a temporary employment visa for you. Not very likely you’ll get into UK, Ireland, or anywhere in EU, but that’s about your only chance of going anywhere except as a volunteer for Doctors Without Borders or some such to a grossly impoverished country.

BTW, standard expat contracts for high-level executives & professionals include your plane fare (you only take clothing, & what will fit in luggage allowance on international flight) & usually some housing allowance to rent an apartment. As a single, your housing allowance is debatable, and not a whole lot, but enough for a modest studio or such not far from work.

Lizzie asks…

does anyone know anything about maid services?

i was just wondering how much would i have to pay someone to clean my studio apartment its empty i just want them to disinfect everything so its clean enough for me to bring my stuff in?

Administrator answers:

It depends on the size of the apartment. I’m not familiar with the exact prices but a good cleaning company can make wonders with your home. If you are from London you can call 020 3026 6026 for free or visit for more information.

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