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October 26, 2012

Thomas asks…

What kind of prices can I expect to pay for a studio, a one bedroom or a two bedroom apartment in London?

Ideally I am looking to live in Zone 1, and I have fallen in love with Bloomsbury.

I’m, a yank moving overseas with my bf to attend graduate school at KCL.

Any reccomendations on good area’s to live and what kind of prices to expect?

Also any information on what kinds of things it will be worthwhile to bring with us (or ship) and what things we can just get there, or will already be provided would be greatly appreciated!

thanks for your help.
I am looking for rent prices (can be expressed in week or month) not looking to purchase an apartment!
Some of you have suggested additional area’s. Trying to avoid too much of a commute and would like to stay relativley close to city center, but what are some other area’s that are nice and also safe?

Administrator answers:

Easily between £200,000 and £300,000 for a place ($350 – $500,000). Rents for an appartment range from £1,000 to £3,000 ($1,500 – $5,000) per month dependant on Furnished or unfurnished.
Quite frankly you would be better off living outside of the central London area and travelling in, however the prices will not fall off drastically until you reach the suburb edges in outer London and what we call ‘The Commuter Belt’ areas (The Home Counties) then you can drop the prices to £100,000 – £200,000 or £500 – £1,000 for renting and get a larger place and even a house. Most of the commuter areas will have good rail links into the central london area and take anything from 20mins (if you are on a Mainline track) to an hour if you are at the end of a ‘Metro’ track.
As for bringing stuff with you, it all depends what you want to bring? Prices here are quiet high especially considering the Stirling being so strong compared to the Dollar.
Don’t forget that not only will you paying for the rent or property, you will then have Council Tax (rates), Utility Bills (water, electric, gas), Travel Costs and any other luxury bills after (phone, tv, etc.).
Good Luck with your move and dont forget to choose the area you live in wisely after looking into it. Some areas of London are quite disgusting, dirty and crowded.

Maria asks…

Finding shared accomodation, studio flat or 1 bedroom apartment in London?

What website (besides will allow me to find accomodation in London. Looking for a place near Richmond.


Administrator answers:

You could also try:

For your own place try: Foxtons, Prime Location and Right Move.

Richard asks…

Apartment/Room/Studio renting in London on the cheap!!?

Moving from Ireland and wish to rent a cheap flat or room in london for a month so I can job hunt. Any advise or letting companies/sites anyone could recommend!
thanks for that info

Administrator answers:

As you’re looking to stay for a month, you may want to consider serviced apartments in London, it might work out cheaper for you. I know that the company in my source box is reputable.

Good luck with your job-hunt. :)

Daniel asks…

cost aprox per month in london for rent apartment only for 2 people? or studio apartment only for 2 people?

Administrator answers:

A good guide for rentals is
Most people I know who live in the UK found their rental accommodation on there are real estate agents post their flats up there. Personally, the cheapest I’ve heard for a small but nice 1 bedroom furnished flat was about £800 a month but that was in Islington so it’s quite near the city. If you want to live further out or rent a room in a share house, you could probably get something cheaper.

Laura asks…

Apartment swap London & Paris this summer !?

I would like to swap my charming studio apartment of city centre of Paris for similar one of London. My apartment studio has one large bed, a corner of kitchen with refrigerator, bathroom (shower+WC), TV & Telephone, situated in a quiet street of 11th district of Paris (Bastille-République area). It is ideally located to discover Paris with many underground stations & it is lively area. I want for about 2 or 3 weeks stay in London to improve my English.

Anybody want to swap ?

Do you know how to find this kind of apartment swap, any sugession ? Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to swap but non-smoking & respectful people only. Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

Try putting something like “holiday home swap” into google and it will pull up some sites … There have been websites providing this service for quite a few years … You may need to join as a member

Carol asks…

I want to move in a studio flat with my gf. But the rent agency doesn’t need to know about my gf right?


My girlfriend and i am thinking of moving to a studio apartment in London or around. I do Know that if you tell the rent agency that 2 ppl want to stay then they complicate things compared to if I say only i am staying. If i tell them that only I am staying but my gf also lives with me and pays me rent that is legal right? I mean there is no need to tell them who lives or not in my rented apartment right? Or not?

Administrator answers:

Most leases require ALL adults to be listed. This is because each adult tenant is responsible both jointly (together) and severely (apart). This means the landlord would be able to go after each adult tenant for the entire rent if the other splits or just doesn’t pay.

Failure to include all adult tenants can be construed as lying which could result in eviction.

Charles asks…

Tanent, Marketing an Apartment in NW London?

looking for popular website to advert my studio apartment in NW London for short or long term rental

Administrator answers:, or look into your local newspaper. Most have a rental selection where you can advertise your property for a small fee!

Betty asks…

How much should I expect to pay per month for water and electricity in a fairly small studio apartment?

It will be in the new Pan Peninsula development in Docklands London. Will also be charged quarterly.

This is my first time moving out – 23 years old – and not very sure of what to expect.

Administrator answers:

Electricity would probably be around £30-£40 a month and water is around £20 a month.

But saying that, if your moving into Pan Peninsula, i’m guessing money isn’t a problem for you as those places are darn expensive.

Sandy asks…

what would be a good renting price for apartment in london, uk?

for like a studio or one room apartment?

Administrator answers:

Depends what area of London…

I’d say for a studio or one room, you’d be looking at a minimum of £600 PCM to £1200 PCM

Again, it depends what else you are looking for, the amenities, the area, what it is close to etc…

There’s a big difference to renting a place in Hackney, East London to the likes of Nottinghill…

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