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December 26, 2012

John asks…

Where can I find really cheap studio flat in London?

I was looking to let a flat in London, just a studio, for really cheap. I am not looking to do short stay, I am looking to move there.
What are apartment complexes called in England? You know, with a pool or gym?

Administrator answers:

Apts are called Flats

and cheap flats Do Not have pools or gyms in the buildings-

I suggest you learn more about the city you want to move to- it is Not america

William asks…

What areas of London would you recommend looking into?

I was thinking about London, i was on a website and Kensal Green, Streatham Hill, South Norwood and Marylebone… 100 to 300 euros a week or whatever is equal to that in a Month. Are these areas good, bad? Any other Areas that you would recommend? Also, this is Studio Apartment/Flat for 1.

Administrator answers:

Of the areas you list only Marylebone is good. Look also at Belsize Park, Hampstead, Muswell Hill,
Barnes, Putney, East Sheen, Richmond

Sandra asks…

What’s the best way to find studio/bedsit for only 1month or so in London?

I lived in London for 10 years and back in my country now. Will revisit London in this spring for 4 to 6 weeks. Would like to know the most effective way to find the studio(preferably) or bedsit.Does anyone know the estate agents which deal with this kind of properties? Or are there any recommended websites? Btw, the serviced apartments are nice, but I’ve found them too expensive !

Administrator answers:

Try estates agents but your looking for above £300 to £400 a month for a studio….. I would never you gumtree there are a lot of fakes on there. When i WAS in london. So go to a Estates agents at least you know they a bonafide (real) with gumtree you don’t know who your talking to and where they are.

Thomas asks…

Where are some decent areas to live in London?

I am moving from NZ to London next year to become a nanny and i want to find an area that’s not too far from London City. maybe like 30 minutes on the train or something. I don’t want a studio apartment, i just want a 1 bedroom small flat. I’ll be getting a starting offer of 500 pounds a week.

Administrator answers:

I would suggest the following areas all with good fast train links into central London:-
St Albans

Ruth asks…

What is council taxes when searching for an apartment?

I was looking on for apartments in london and they had something called council taxes per year. Do you have to pay that each year or something just for an apartment? Because the apartment are not only expensive but very small, the square footage in crazy and that prices for a studio is ridiculous. Someone please be real with me is all that worth it?

Administrator answers:

Council tax is collected by your council. It helps to meet the cost of local services and also to pay for the Greater London Authority who run the fire brigade, police and other London-wide organisations. There is 1 council tax bill for each domestic property whether it is owned, rented or empty (based on the value of the property within certain so-called “bands”), and as far as I know it also depends on the number of people living in the property. You usually pay council tax on a monthly basis and it is usually not included in your rent. Please see link below for UK Government information on Council Tax.

Donald asks…

So could you just walk into their studio?

Like if you knew where a band’s studio was, could you just walk in? For example, Coldplay’s studio is in London somewhere, just in a regular apartment or something, nothing secret or anything. So could you knock on the door and they would answer? Or are like security always there and sh*t like that?

Administrator answers:

There would probably be security

(sorry no one else answered, thats annoying eh?)

Lisa asks…

Flat/Apartment in London?

Moving to London for 6 months from June for work – need accomodation! Working in City, would like to be in zone 1-2 ideally. Single bedroom or studio preferred, wouldn’t mind sharing.

So the question is:
- any advice on good websites for house hunting? what about share advertising?
- what are the reasonably priced locations? (assume starting salary for qualified professional)
- what kind of price range should i expect pw? furnished?
- anyone got something for me? =D

Administrator answers:

That’s hard work.
Been there done it moved out.
Zone 1 and 2 covers the central area but also Docklands the cheaper areas are cheap for a reason London East end is Dire theres some nice spots but they are small spots

Shorditch/ Liverpool street can be fun its close to Angel and Islington High street lots of trendy bars . Shorditch high has a few bargain strip bars on it Namely Browns and the white horse.
Best bet is to look in “loot” Its a newspaper that has up to date lets in it. Agencies rob you

Go for what your budget allows

loots your best bet

sorry forgot to mention prices
If your shareing a 2 bde flat in that area then be prepared to pay at least 500 pm for something clean and tidy
One bed flats will be £800 pm and up
not sure about bedsits but i would imaging they wouldbe around £450 pm

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