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June 27, 2013

Susan asks…

Hi,anyone can recommend or knows of any good websites for booking apartments rental in Paris?

I have about 6days to visit Paris in June and would like to know if there are any apartments(for 4adults) in the Gare Du Nord area for rental?As i would be taking the Eurostar from London and arriving Paris in the evening,any apartments within walking distance from Gare Du Nord station would be ideal.Thank you for sharing!

Administrator answers:

Yo can visit this website, they currently manage lot apartment start from a studio to 5 bedrooms apartment, and also at walking distance to the center of the attraction on Paris.

Hope this helpful

Helen asks…

How much does it cost to live in Hotel in Manchester for 2 days?

Guys, I going to London where i will stay for one week and then leave for Manchester where i am thinking to stay for 2 days more. For London i have already booked apartments. Now i want to stay in Hotel in Manchester for days. Can you suggest me how much will it cost to stay for 2 days?

Administrator answers:

This depends on Where abouts in Manchester you want your hotel to be and how many stars. The lowest price is A Standard Single room for £47.50 at the 3 star Britannia Hotel

Information about this hotel:
Set in a magnificent Victorian building, Britannia Hotel is just 500 metres from Manchester Piccadilly Railway Station. With free Wi-Fi and 2 lively bars, the hotel is a mile from Manchester Cathedral.

The impressive building boasts a grand balconied staircase with original chandeliers. The bedrooms each have a private bathroom and some have seating areas and work space. All rooms have satellite TV, a trouser press and tea and coffee facilities.

Jenny’s Restaurant serves a varied menu featuring British favourites, whilst The Overstuffed Pizzeria offers Italian cuisine and fresh salads. The Wave Bar is open late with live DJs and a dance floor. Cromptons Bar features a relaxing lounge for casual drinks.

Just metres from lively Chinatown, Britannia Manchester is only half a mile from Oxford Road Railway Station. There is a Metrolink Tram stop just outside the hotel and the Granada Studios are a 20-minute walk away.

Robert asks…

Living in the United Kingdom Question about Rental?

Where would be a decent studio or single bedroom apartment/flat to rent in the UK that is in a big city and is near public transportation. Looking for a maximum of paying $420/ 230pounds.

Administrator answers:

It really depends in what area of the country. In London, you might be able to get a small studio for about £600 – £700/ month plus bills.

The cheapest option would be to share a house with others, try and go to the house share section for adverts.

By the way, 420 USD is worth about 210 GBP

Ruth asks…

Would you rather live in London or Manchester?

I live near London and have always wanted to live there. I’ve never been to Manchester but i’ve just seen some photos of it and looks very modern, the kind of place i’d like to live.
So where would you rather live?

Administrator answers:

I spent many years training and living in London. It is a fantastic city but, in a real job, I realised that I needed to get out. I had a small studio flat in London. For the same money I bought a lovely Victorian semi in a good area of Manchester. We have since moved up to something, I would never have been able to buy in London. I am always taken with the reaction of old London friends to how we live and the quality of life we have. It would not have been worth it if I had move to the “back of beyond”, but boy Manchester has gone from strength to strength.We have the likes of the MEN Arena, great theatre, concerts and many other artistic offerings ;often more accessible and cheaper than on offer in London, as well as closer to home, as opposed to as tube or bus ride! Greater Manchester is now truly a force to be reckoned with. Things do happen her. Just take a look at The BBC set up at MediaCityUK, at Salford Quays. There is a genuine pride in this place. There are faults. I can never get my head around the litter in parts, our public transport is still crying out for the crumbs from our London-centric govt. And we now have THE slowest moving traffic, during rush hour, in the whole of the UK.
I am pleased to see more and more young professionals are realising you are not some sort of failure if you do not settle in London and the SE. I know many professionals who choose to be here; people who could, like us, settle elsewhere. It is a manageable city, with lots of other places within an hours drive (We shop and visit often in Liverpool and Leeds), such as the Yorkshire cities, Liverpool, Chester, Blackpool and the delights of places like Southport, The Dales, The Lakes, North Wales, all close too! Our airport is the busiest outside the SE .
My partner is a naturalised British citizen, from the Middle East, and a Mancunian convert who reminds me daily what a welcoming, tolerant and inclusive place this is. We are happy here, miss it when away and are proud to call it home, warts and all !

Note there is so much more than just the oddly shaped city of Manchester (part of the city centre is in fact in neighbouring Salford) . Together these two siamese twins, along with eight Metropolitan Boroughs form “Greater Manchester”, which is the third largest conurbation in the UK, with a population of over 2.6 million. Even today, in the press, a prominent Birmingham professor admits that Manchester has taken the unofficial Second City title a while ago!!!

Wondering when David S was last here??? Grim in parts, maybe, but THE 3rd most visited city in the UK (SECOND in England) , voted recently, by The New York Times, as one of THE “must see” cities in the world. Described, very positively, by Lonely Planet, also very recently, as “truly unique” in terms of what is offered culturally, its nightlife and museums etc….We have fantastic city centre apartments, in buildings such as The Beetham Tower, (the tallest residential building in Britain), Number One, Deansgate etc and superior residential suburbs, across the conurbation, that knock the spots of many places in Greater London, at a fraction of the price! I am not denying the existence of the likes of Harpurhey, Longsight etc…, any more than I would some of the grotholes (worse than these!), I have seen and know in London !!!

John asks…

How to calculate Annual gross wage in UK from our target month net wage ?

My company will expatriate me from Paris to London.
What the annual gross wage I should ask for if I want to get in hands 2300GBP/month net ?
I estimated 40835 GBP/year Gross ! Is that correct ? Is it a big salary in London ? Or is it reasonable ? (Im in sales for a trading company, 6 years experience in the same job and cie, it is a transfer from an office to another one). Thanks for your help.

Administrator answers:


£2,300 net is approximately (or just over) £37,000 gross for 2009/10.
This is :
Gross £37,000
Personal Allowance £6,475
Chargeable: £30,525

Tax at 20% £6,105
Employee’s NI at 11% between thresholds £3,527

Total Tax and NI therefore : 9,632
Gross minus tax and NI : £27,368 net which is £2,280 per month.

This is for a normal UK resident with UK employment. You may wish to check IR20 at as you are a foreign resident coming to the UK and as i do not know your full circumstances there may be some complications.

If you are working in inner London then this is a reasonable but not excessively good wage. For £2,300 per month you should have no problem supporting yourself in London as this is ample for rent of a studio apartment and for your food etc.

This subject is a vast one, but if you do come to London, then I hope you like it here!

I hope this has helped.

Jenny asks…

Best place to live in London under 700 pounds?


I am an young professional. My office is in Oxford Circus. Anyone with any ideas whereabouts I can live in London that is affordable?


Administrator answers:

Well I agree London is expensive especially its very diificult to buy a house in London because of high prices.

And I also agree with the survey that London is the 2nd or 3rd most expensive city in the world.

But as far as finding a place to live on rental basis I think you could find a very affordable place to live.

My college was in Oxford circus and I used to live near Barking Station in East London. I payed 300 pound a month I lived with a family. I had a separate large room. It took me 35-40 minutes to reach Oxford Circus from BArking Station Everyday.

I also lived in Stratford another great area for 500 pound a month and this time it was a studio apartment with kitchen and bath. It took me 15-20 min to reach Oxford circus.

So there are many places you can try such as Barking,Stratford,Earls Court, Ealing, West HAm, Whitechappel Honslow etc.

You can also goto Or

Maria asks…

How much money should I take with myself when I am moving to London?

How moch does food costs, closets, bus and underggrounds n so on?
Tel me the price in pound I’l converte.

Administrator answers:

London is extremly expensive.

Travel is about £2 for a single bus journey and £4 for a single train journey if you get an oyster card it will be a little cheaper.

If you mean closets as in furniture you can get cheap furtniture from ikea they sell things like closets for £60

as for food tescos is pretty good so expect to spend about £25.a week per person on food.

Rent is very expensive in london expect to pay around £1000 a month in central london for even a studio apartment

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