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September 3, 2012

Donald asks…

Studio apartment?

Is $600 per month Studio apartment, includes all utilities execpt electricity, is the rent per month reasonable? It has the a large kitchen, bathroom and the room for your bed with alot of closets.

Administrator answers:

That is a great deal.

Ruth asks…

Studio Apartment?

Is 266 sq ft studio apartment be considered a reasonable size?

Administrator answers:

That is not reasonable at all! Around 500 is reasonable.

Lizzie asks…

How is a studio apartment different from a regular apartment?

I found a deal on a studio apartment but I wanna know how is it different from a regular apartment?

What are the pros & cons? If there are any…

Administrator answers:

As everyone has already stated, a studio is without a designated bedroom. The pro’s are, you pay less rent. And you don’t have as much to clean!! ;) The con’s are, if you have a lot of stuff, you will have to be really organized or your place will feel cramped and claustrophobic. And if you plan to entertain, people are basically going to be hanging out in your living room/bedroom.

I lived in a studio while in college. It was an ok deal. It was a way for me to afford living in a nicer area in town because I could not afford to live there had I rented a one bedroom. At the time, I didn’t have too much, so the space worked out well for me. It actually had a little galley kitchen, but I did have to invest in a fold out table so I could actually have guests over for dinner. There too, I bought a sofa bed, so it wasn’t like I had to sleep on the couch and/or guests didn’t have to sit on my bed.

I’ve seen a lot of really cute studios, and if you are trying to save money, this is a great way to go. Just make sure not to fill it with too much stuff or you will end up hating where you live in no time!!

Good luck! Hope this helps!!

Robert asks…

How large is the average studio apartment?

I’m looking to get out on my own and I think that getting studio apartment would be the way to go.
On average, how large is the living / dining / bedroom area of a studio apartment?

Administrator answers:

Where I am from the average studio apartment is 350-400 s.f.. Still, you aren’t going to know for sure until you go out and check out your own market.

Maria asks…

How do you feel renting a studio apartment or guest house that the door only opens to the outside?

Even though many people don’t really care I do. I’m looking at small studio apartments and many of them you enter the apartment from the outside and not a hallway. This menas when you open the door you are leaving a garden courtyard and entering a small room. It makes me depressed to close the door to the outside because you are leaving a garden behind and locking yourslef inside a room.

I would prefer a apartment with indoor hallways and an indoor lobby area. I don’t feel depressed.

Administrator answers:

Personally, that sounds wonderful to me. I would love the ‘openness’ of being able to open a door or window and see a garden and not a flourescent lit hallway with so many (and so close!) tenants banging around. I live in a 1BR apartment right now with a walkway out of the front door. I like seeing the wide open space when i walk out the door. Unfortunately for me, i still have neighbors on all side, and that gets quite noisy sometimes. If it makes you feel down, then go with what feels right; but that sounds like a wonderful setup to me.

Steven asks…

How would a pug do in a studio apartment?

How would a pug do in a studio apartment? I’m moving to nyc and am going to be renting a studio. Will a pug do ok in a studio?

Administrator answers:

Yes he/she will do fine. They are small dogs and can’t have too much exercise anyway because of their nose, they will have breathing diffficulties if they have too much exercise. They are hyper animals but it should do fine in the apartment.

Mandy asks…

How to make a studio apartment work for two people?

Due to a recent work transfer, my boyfriend is going to be moving into my studio apartment with me until we find a larger place. It’s really more of a one bedroom, but without the living room. I am at a loss as to how to make this work. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

You aren’t going to “make it work”. Just be extra – conscientious about each others “areas”. Make a drop spot for keys and gear that is your own. Grab bed risers and utilize under bed storage. Look for a larger place.

Bed risers
Elastic skirt to cover them use with your current bedskirt to give a tiered effect
This will allow a total of 16″ under the bed to store things

A folding screen at the bottom of the bed with a small couch, bench or 2 chairs and a small table may give you more of a feeling of space.

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