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August 19, 2013

Mary asks…

what website can i go to to look for cheap studio apartments?

I’m trying to move out and i can’t seem to find a website that will give me any good options on studio apartments especially one that’s in a good neighborhood. Please help !

Administrator answers:

…..all of them.

Lizzie asks…

Where can I purchase a room divider/screen to seperate the living/sleeping areas of a studio apartment?

I am moving in to a studio apartment next month and would like to purchase a room divider(s) to seperate the living and sleeping space in this apartment. I know you can make your own, but I am not that handy and would prefer to just buy one or two- preferably from a reputable source/company. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:


Donna asks…

In Bahrain is it possible to find a studio apartment for BD100 per month?

I which areas can one find a studio apartment for BD 100 per month (My range is from BD100 to 150).
Also, is BD 150 per month sufficient for travel allowance in Bahrain (including all taxi, bus rides etc.)? I am an auditor and would be traveling to clients premises often.

Administrator answers:

You can find a room with attached bathroom in Manama area for 120-150. An whole apartment is not possible with your budget. Taxis in Bahrain is rather expensive. You can expect to pay at least BD2.5/- per ride to travel within Manama.

You can probably find a 100bd apartment (2BR, 2T/B) in the areas away from Manama but then you would need transportation. Getting around Bahrain without your own car is rather difficult and expensive.

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