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November 24, 2012

Sandy asks…

what is the rent of 1 bhk or studio in manama?

can anybody suggest good websites for searching apartments for rent in manama, Bahrain? or can anybody tell what will be rent for 1 bhk or studio apartment in manama, Bahrain?

Administrator answers:

It depends where in Manama. There are more expensive areas like Seef District & Juffair, while there are middle class areas like Um Alhassam, Zinj & Suqaya, and also there are the less poss areas like Gudaibiya & Hoora.

Studio Apartments may start from BD100 to BD1000 per month, but of course this depends on the area, condition of the apartment, size, facilities …. Etc.

Call these two agents, they might help:

Almurbati Real Estate – 17777588
Alnasser Real Estate – 39661143


Helen asks…

Do you know any agencies that help find apartments for rent in Los Angeles?

I need to move to LA from Palmdale to be closer to my job. I cannot afford expensive apartment. I know that good apartment in a good area will be expensive, but I am looking for studio apartment that is in a decent area, maybe mid-wilshire, that I can afford. I looked online, but there is nothing less than $1100. Maybe there are agencies that help you find place according to your affordability. If you know any, please can you tell me.

Administrator answers:

I second the Craigslist idea but also think you should also seek out the local papers which tend to have active classifieds and display ads.

The Hollywood Indepent, Larchmont Chronicle (and other neighborhood papers) have a strong local fix on what’s out there.

Donald asks…

Companies that rent apartments in NY??

Hello, there is a company named – they rent studio apartment with all utilities paid, the rent is paid in the beggining of every month and the contract is every month for a month. No deposit needed ect’.

Those company does not have building in New-York, does anyone here knows a company like that that rent studio apartments in New-York with all utilities paid and the rent is paid in the beggining of every month and I don’t need to sign a long -term contract?

Thanks! Best answer to the one that bring me the best website of a company like that in NY.

(Brooyklyn, queens, all good.)

Administrator answers:

Http:// is, I believe, an example of the kind of arrangement you mean.
However, I would NOT recommend doing this. You’ll pay a lot extra in rent.

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