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May 25, 2013

George asks…

How much would the rent be for a studio apartment in downtown Las Vegas, NV?

I am having trouble finding rent costs from the apartment websites (, etc.,) Does anyone know? Thanks.
I am planning to move to Las Vegas, NV.
I am planning to move to Las Vegas, NV.

Administrator answers:

I spend so much time in LV that I thought about moving there, I did some checking last December, and I was just there for a month(6/4 – 7/5)

Good luck finding a $400 apartment in LV >that’s not a total dump.

The most reasonable studio apartment I could find was
the “Oasis Place” apartments $550
Located at Sierra Vista & Paradise
This is where a lot of UNLV students stay

The nicest & most reasonable 1br, in a nice location, were the.
“Villanova” apartments >they are in South LV just off I-15
$584 – 725sq ft – 2815 W Ford Ave
1-866-398-5250 ext-7092


Betty asks…

Looking for a studio apartment to rent in IBIZA – gracias?

Hi, I’m looking to stay in Ibiza for a few months, would anyone know of a good company / site for ibiza rentals, just for 1 person and preferably under £600 a month, THANKS!

Administrator answers:

Hey there,

Best thing to do is look up either Ibiza Spotlight or Ibiza Voice…

It depends what your looking for and what area you want to stay in ie. Playa den Bossa, Santa Eularia, San Antonio…

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