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Your Questions About Studio Apartments For Rent In Brooklyn Ny

August 7, 2012

Nancy asks…

I’m getting kicked out! What can I do?

I just moved into a new studio apartment in Brooklyn ny on sept 1st. We found the ad for this place on craigslist by a broker (we paid no fee). We called, set up an appointment to view the apartment. We saw it, and immediatly expressed our interest in the apartment. He set up an appointment with the landlord. My sister explained to the broker that the place was for me only and that she was willing to cosign if needed because a) she has better credit than I do and b) she has a better job (board of Ed.) hours before the meeting with the landlord the broker called my sister and told her it’d be easier to get the apartment if she put it only on her name and didn’t mention me. She did as told and got the apartment. I move in, and didn’t know that my landlord didn’t know I was going to be living there. After he found out the truth sept 1st around 9pm… He said we must leave by tomorrow at 12noon. He would not run a background check on me, or add me to the lease, he said he just wants me out because we “lied” and does not care what the broker said or didn’t say. He said he would give a 100% refund if we are out by noon but that regardless he wants us out asap or he’ll have to go to the cops. We paid 1 months rent plus 1 1/2 month security/deposit. Any advice? Thank you in advance…

Administrator answers:

This is correct. You can not just move into someone elses property. If you are not the party named on the lease you are illegally in his property. You need to leave, and then sue the agent. Although this is their fault ignorance of the law does not give you the right to violate the law and violate the property owners rights.

Daniel asks…

Some info about Supportive Housing?

I live in Brooklyn NY and I have a few questions about Supportive Housing…

*1. Can your boyfriend/girlfriend move in with you?

*2. Are you allowed to have a pet?

*3. Are they studio apartments, 1 bdrm, 2 bdrm..?

*4. How much is rent?

*5. Does your “roommate” have to have mental health issues, HIV/AIDS, or substance abuse issues in order to be allowed to move in?

*6. My boyfriend works off the books. If he is allowed to move in, rent should be cheap since I’ll technically be the only one with an income. Will they make him look for a job?

I’m assuming since its “housing” the first two answers to my questions are YES, but I wanted to ask and make sure. Thank you for your help :)

Administrator answers:

Completely depends on which supportive housing coalition you go through. Supportive housing is for people that have mental or health issues that prevent them from working “normal” jobs and/or are homeless.


Rent is based on your income, most of them are pet free and you cannot move in unmarried people.

The homes are usually house shares – everyone gets a bedroom in a house. Again, depends on the neighborhood and the coalition you go through.

You do not decide who your roommate is, the coalition does. Consider it similar to college and college roommates. Some supportive homes have on site mental and medical care due to the needs of the people, so that is the first priority.

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