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Your Questions About Studio Apartments For Rent In Brooklyn Ny

April 25, 2012

Richard asks…

What is average monthly rent for a studio apartment, ~400 square foot, in Brooklyn, NY?

you can mention the section of Brooklyn and its costs if you know it.

Administrator answers:

There are a bunch of sections. Rent will run from 1200 to 2000 depending on where you are talking about. You will likely need to pay a broker too.

Daniel asks…

I’m looking for a studio or a 1 bedroom apartment for rent. Anyone here knows or have?

I’m looking for a studio or a 1 bedroom aparment for rent. Anyone here knows or have? I live in Brooklyn, NY. So anything throughout the 5 Boros is okay….
Please write back..thank you

Administrator answers:

Call a college roommate board poster…..or visit the colleges
and call real estate offices that do prop mgt

Maria asks…

How can I get a squatter out of my apartment?

I have a studio apartment in Brooklyn, NY. About 4 weeks ago, I allowed a destitute, recently-out-of-jail friend crash with me because he had no permanent residence and was just readjusting to life. He brought his clothes over and his stuff and I told him that he had to contribute if he was going to live there. He agreed to pay half the electricity and gas bill. When he didn’t have money for cigarettes, I foolishly bought him two packs ($11.50 a pack now in NYC). I was hoping he’d get some money together and pay me back promptly.

Then, things turned sour. He never paid his half of the bills, doesn’t clean up after himself, smokes Marlboro Reds in my small living/sleeping area and generally just acts like an asshole. When he moved in, I gave him a deadline of Thanksgiving to be out of my apartment. I think two months living rent free in a nice apartment is pretty gracious of me.

However, it seems like he still has no place to live, not even looking for one, and has no intention of paying the money he owes me. So now I want him out.

What are my legal rights? Can I call the cops and have him removed? I don’t care about the money he owes me anymore, I just want him to leave.
Also, only my name is on the lease. He does not receive mail at my residence but he has been there for over 30 days.

Administrator answers:

It’s your property, and if you don’t want him there, he is tresspassing.

You have every right to call the police, and have him evicted.

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