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Your Questions About Studio Apartments For Rent In Chicago

May 25, 2012

Lizzie asks…

Apartments for rent in IL?

I was just wondering if anyone knows of any large studio‘s or 1 Bedroom apartments to rent in Evanston or on the near north side of Chicago?. I have been looking on all of the rental sites but word of mouth helps too.

Administrator answers:

You might want to contact a local Realtor since they have access to the MLS and sometimes rentals are listed with an agent and not put into traditional rental sites or in the paper. I am a Realtor in St. Charles and I can help you find an agent in Evanston if you don’t know one you can trust.

Chris asks…

How much does it cost (monthly) to live in Chicago?

I plan on attending college in Chicago and I plan to live in a studio apartment near downtown. I want to know how much it costs to pay for the essentials, like bills, rent, cable and internet, and food. If you have other examples of costs, that would be nice too. Will an apartment that is 3 miles from downtown cost less?

Administrator answers:

The closer you get to downtown generally the more expensive it is. At most you should be able to find a nice apartment for less than $700.00 a month. Depending on your eating habits you should be able to survive off about $150.00 a month for groceries and maybe about another $200.00 for bills (that is assuming you won’t be living poor and you will want cable internet etc.)

So on an estimate you should be able to survive on $1150.00 a month, and that is over estimating and depends on your luxuries.

3miles north will not be much cheaper, but 3 miles south or west of downtown will be a little less expensive, but you should be adventurous. UIC is building up some really nice neighborhoods but they are expensive.

Charles asks…

Is it hard or legally impossible to apply for an apartment lease if you are under 21??

I am a 19-year old student at the University of Chicago who wants to rent an apartment studio (I would save money by doine so vs. staying in university housing). How can I do that if I’m under 21?

Administrator answers:

You can legally rent an apartment at age 18. Finding a landlord willing to rent to you will be hard. As a landlord myself through experience I would never again rent to anyone under 25. Good Luck

Jenny asks…

Can I restrict the number of people I rent my apartment to??

I have a 6 unit, non-owner occupied building in Chicago. I have a studio for rent. Am I allowed not to rent it to more than a single occupant. How about if it is a married couple or 2 family members like a mom and kid, or a married couple thats pregnant? Any one know what limits I am allow legally to keep. I know that I can not restrict occupancy to less than 2 people per bedroom if they are all related. I’m not trying to be a slum lord, I just think its a very small studio and too many people will put too much strain on the rest of the building’s ammenities and make the situation worse for my current tenants. Also am I allowed to charge additionall for additional persons??

Administrator answers:

I don’t know about Il law, and it would not make that much difference to me any way.

I limit the number of persons that can occupy a single, a two bedroom as well as a loft or a studio.

About the laws in Chicago you should find the Apartment Association and join. There are lots of things a land lord need to know these days. This agency is invaluable. They have available rent contracts, eviction notice, and all sort of necessary forms you need to be successful in this business. The can also put you in touch with a credit agency to run credit checks.
The normally have monthly or weekly meetings to keep members abreast of new laws affecting the rental market, sometimes they publish those in their monthly newsletter.
Your annual dues or fees are tax deductable. Check with your tax advisor for all tax information.

A studio is too small for more than 2-3 people at the most unless the studio is extremely large.

I hope this has been of some use to you, good luck.


Donna asks…

homes in between northwestern and chicago memorial?

Okay, So i am planning on going to Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois (for grad school). My mother works at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. I am wondering if anybody knows of any good sites that show you studio apartments in chicago or evanston, or little homes that mainly, just me and my 2 cats will have (Mom will stay when she works 3 days in a row). I haven’t found any good sites, and i DO NOT want to rent. So if y’all could help me out, that would be FABULOUS!

I just think it would waste gas if i were to drive to evanston from rockford everyday, and dorm rooms are out of the question (cause my cats cant stay there and neither can my mom)

any help is appreciated! THANKS!
well i will rent, but i dont want to rent a house that someone is taking a break from for like… a month. you know? i want a new one that is MINE! but nvm… i looked for hours and found one that is ~7 miles from the hospital and ~3 from NU. so i will choose you just cause you answered. easy 10 points!

Administrator answers:

You are asking about studio apartments, but you do not want to rent. Do you mean condos?

Sandy asks…

What is the cost of living in Belize compared to the USA?

For example, how much does it cost, in dollars, to rent a studio apartment, go out to eat, buy some groceries, etc.? I live in the Chicago area of the US right now. Would Belize be more expensive?

Administrator answers:

It’s cheaper than the US. I was there once… If you shop, eat and have fun like a local it would be less than 1/2 of U.S prices… If you pretend to be all American and go only where “gringos” go then it would be similar to the U.S

Betty asks…

What are some safe, relatively inexpensive neighborhoods in Chicago?

I’d like to know which neighborhoods have rents that are inexpensive, at least by Chicago standards.

My only stipulations are:

A) I’d prefer not to get shot, mugged, or have my apartment broken into.

B) I have a car, so I would have to be able to park it somewhere. I don’t have much cash to pay for parking, and I’d rather not park a mile away from where I live.

Other than those two things, I’m not picky. I live in a small studio right now, and that’s probably what I’ll rent in Chicago too. If you could also give me a ballpark price range for how much I could expect to pay in the neighborhoods you suggest, that would be greatly appreciated too!


Administrator answers:

What you want is to be just outside the particularly nice areas, so that you’re in a safe area, but developing – one where parking is still relatively available.

So, where you might want to check is (in order of recommendation): Roscoe Village, on and near Roscoe Street around Damen; the South Loop, just south of the city (around Wabash and Roosevelt); the UIC area, around Taylor, Halsted and Roosevelt; Ukranian Village, around Ohio and Damen, just south of the popular Wicker Park; and Logan Square, on Logan Avenue, around California. Logan Square, I admit, does still have some crime problems, but it’s improving rapidly.

Rents in those areas will be less than the nearby Lakeview, Lincoln Park, and Bucktown – a one bedroom will run you $800-$1000 a month or so in nearly all those neighborhoods, Logan Square a bit cheaper than the others.

Nancy asks…

Cheap accommodation needed in Chicago ?

Looking to stay in chicago for a week from 19th Sept. Does anyone know of cheap hotels/motels/apartment/studio etc to rent. Have a budget of $350-450 for a weekly rent. Will stay in city or in places like Lincoln Park, some place with easy access to city centre.
Would really appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction….hotels are sooooo expensive!!!

Administrator answers:

Try a hostel ( is a reliable one, but there are plenty of others) – those will run you $25-$35 per night. They’re clean and cheap and are a good way to meet other visitors.

Otherwise if you look at, there are often weekly apartment rentals that are pretty inexpensive.

William asks…

Studio Apartment Question?

I live in Chicago im 17 and i wanted to rent my own studio but recently found out that it is illegal to rent a studio to a minor. So i was wondering if its legal to have my father and me sign a lease for a studio and just have him stop by once in a while. I wouldn’t tell them i was the only one living there because that would be illegal.
So pretty much im just asking is it legal for two guys to rent a studio together? And if they found out somehow i was the only one living there than what would happen?

Administrator answers:

It’s “illegal” only because you’re not old enough to sign a contract. Have your father rent it, and you live in it. Nothing illegal about that.

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