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Your Questions About Studio Apartments For Rent In Nj

June 28, 2012

Donna asks…

How much does an apartment go for in NJ?

I’m just looking for an estimate.
Not for rent! I’m talking about the prices when buying an apartment.
I’m really looking for a studio or 1 bed room pricing.
And close to NYC.

Do you think it’s better to buy a house or an apartment?

Administrator answers:

Easy commute to NYC and your minimum is 300k. Houses start at 500k

Helen asks…

eviction notice.. help..?

okay i live in NJ.

Me and my boyfriend got a studio apartment in July of 2008.. We were paying 750.00 monthly.. I lived there for 3 months. I had my son in august and i didnt like being alone while he was at work so i called the landlady and explained if i get someone to take over my lease that was for a year can i move out.. she said someone can move in but the lease is going to stay in your name and you pay in your name.. me and my son and my boyfriend moved back into my mothers house. everything was going good my brother had a job.. she called me over her house so she can make a lease for my brother. i filled it out for him and everything she went to the apartment where he lived and he signed it and everything.when may 1st came [thats when the new lease started she refused tot ake the money order for rent from my brother] one day my brother wasnt home but his friend was at his apartment.. the land lady came and rang the bell no one answers so she took her own keys and went into the apartment.. my brothers friend called me and told me the land lady seen the new lease she made for my brother on the table and put it in her purse… so we go there and she is changing the lock on the door. we had to call the police and the police came and said you cant do that thats trespassing you have to take it to court.. my brothers friend told me she took the lease and she said no she didnt. she told the police she never knew that my brother was living there. and the police just said well he should had the lease away shame on him.. no one knew she was going to come in the apt with her own keys..

so anyways my brother got a letter on the door today.. she is taking me and my boyfriend to court for NON-payment. she REFUSED to take the rent money. She wants all of our stuff out and to leave the premises. Ok so she wants 750.00 for non payment she wants 40.00 late fee 250.00 for her attorney and 30 court fee.. ?

can someone please help me and tell me what is going to happen or what i can do in court? and why do i have to pay for her attorney?

thanks a bunch!! enjoy your summer.

Administrator answers:

Just explain what happened

Mark asks…

Moving to Holmdel, NJ?

Hello! I am moving 2,000 miles away from home state for an opportunity in New Jersey. Does anyone know of any good apartments in this general area. I am just needing a 1bedroom or studio. I am looking to spend no more the $1100 on rent. Any help…?

Administrator answers:

Try these links and good luck with the move.


Joseph asks…

Can someone help me estimate the cost of getting my first apartment?

I live in Northwestern NJ, and I’m moving out of my parents house as soon as I can. Can someone help me estimate how much money I’ll need to be making hourly and/or salary-wise in order to move out without too much struggling?

For a safe bet for my own apartment out here, I’m alotting $750/month for rent for a 1 bedroom or studio.
However, I don’t know anything about the cost of utilities, cable/internet, car payments (I’ve been borrowing my parents until college graduation, which was this past May), car insurance, etc.

Right now I’m hoping for a $15/hour job, but I really don’t know how that will cut it.

I definitely want to move out ASAP…so I need to make a real budget.

Does anybody have any shared experiences or articles about going out on your own?

Thanks to whoever can help me!

Administrator answers:

For move- in figure 1st month , last month & security equal to 1 months rent .
Most utilities would need security deposits but maybe you should look for a place that includes them .

$15 / hour @ full time will be about $2400 gross / month & take home about $1900 .
Look for housing near the job so you can use public transit or a scooter because a vehicle , insurance and gas at $4+ per gallon will not leave you any $$$$ to eat with or get much in the way of work clothes .

Maybe best for your first time to look for a share rental until you get $$$$ saved from the job .

Good Luck


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