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April 7, 2012

Charles asks…

Where online, can I find reputable studio apartments for rent in Jackson Heights, NY?

Where online, can I find reputable studio apartments for rent in Jackson Heights, NY?

Administrator answers:

NO where. NYC landlords use brokers, even the classified ads in the Post, Daily News and Times list a broker’s phone number.

Lizzie asks…

How do i search for studio apartments for rent in San Francisco?

Im finally ready to move out yet i am having trouble finding websites that can help me

Administrator answers:

Daniel asks…

Does anyone know of any decent efficiency or studio apartments for rent near or close to Belleville, IL?

I’m going to college and looking to move into a nice simple efficiency apartment for a few months with my boyfriend so that we can save the extra money for the “real apartment”. All help is greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

I have lived in several studio apartments! They are great! For my apartment searches, I have used I personally searched for you and found over 300 studio apartments within 30 miles of Belleville, IL.

Here is the link:

Good luck with your search! I hope you find something that meets your needs!

Richard asks…

If i live in a studio apartment rent under 400$ by myself then how much would my groceries be every month?

I currently get 870.00 dollars a month and currently looking for a part time job and if i had a studio apartment with me living alone so basically how much would my groceries and bills cost a month if i keep on a budget.

Administrator answers:

It depends on how much you eat and what you buy. What about utilities or a phone? Be sure you allow yourself enough money to live on and go places and buy those things you want and need. Good luck. . .And remember prices are going up and going up fast.

Robert asks…

Are there any Studio Apartments for rent In West Jordan, Utah for 400.00 Or lower?

I am looking for my first apartment and need to stay within my budget.

Administrator answers:

$400 would be about the lowest amount you could find for a studio apartment for. Here is a summary website of available offerings in Jordan, UT,%20Utah

John asks…

studio apartments for rent?

does anyone know about apartment studios for rent under $550.00
pleae let me know
thank you…..

Administrator answers:

Here’s a hint….

Tell us where you’re looking!


David asks…

Does anyone know where there is good studio apartments in New York City?

Any area in NYC is fine, but I’m looking for a studio apartment with rent that isn’t so high. Having trouble with it. Newark would be okay too. Its really important and I know its might be asking for a lot with my rent budget but anything under 600. Please help!!!

Administrator answers:

Anything down by the moslem hamasque at ground zero should be cheap ’cause everyone knows it’s a good idea to stay out of that area. ‘Gonna get HOT.

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