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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In Boston

September 19, 2012

David asks…

1 bedroom split in Boston apartments?

I’m moving to the Boston area, and I’m seeing quite a few listings for apartments with a “1 bedroom split”. What exactly does this mean? I’m nervous they are simply rigging a studio to look like a 1 bedroom, but one ad says something like “the alternative to a two-bedroom”. Can anyone explain this? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

I think it means one bedroom with a small office space that could be used for a bedroom if needed.

James asks…

can anyone tell me the places of apartments in boston..?

bcoz im moving immediately i dont know anything of rents nd cost of living……does any body know the cost of living in home stead suites is lessthan apartments or taking an apartment is better than Studios
plz…plz………………….help me immediately..ur answers are greatly needed

Administrator answers:

Inside Boston, $1200 and up for a 1 BR, depending on the neighborhood. (Anything less probably isn’t safe.) Homestead Suites are out in the suburbs, none in the city, but an apartment is usually cheaper. Studios are smaller than 1 BR.

Check out for prices in different areas.

Chris asks…

Are the apartments in Boston’s South End expensive?

I am wondering if I will be able to find an affordable apartment in the South End.
I am planning to move out of my parents house in a few months…I will be making at least $12 an hour and working normal, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

I am looking for a one bedroom apartment…I hate studios. I want to move to the South End mostly because I am gay and it’s a really gay neighborhood. I want to meet a lot of gay men, even the gym in the South End is a gay majority gym. Next to that, everything else there is’s beautiful, nice restaurants, lots of places to shop for anything I need….

Administrator answers:

South End is VERY expensive — $1500-$2000 for a 1BR. It’s not the only gay-friendly part of the city, but you aren’t making nearly enough for a safe 1 BR anywhere. You may have to start out with a roommate or share situation in a suburb on the subway. Try student areas — like near UMASS, BU, Tufts, Northeastern.

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