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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In Boston

November 2, 2012

Maria asks…

Best Neighborhood in Boston.?

I’ll be visiting Boston this summer for apartments/studio and need to know what neighborhood is best for me Since i’ll be moving out soon end of summer hopefully.
Soo little background story, 20 years old… got a job in an IT company right now making 900-1K every 2 weeks…Also in college taking nursing, but isnt going too well, and basically I would like to start a new life somewhere else, plus im a Big Sports fan for Boston
I live in Manhattan,NY with my parents,so im familiar with the city life.
Looking for a place where rent is maybe at least 1K-1.3K since I get 2K at most in a month.

Administrator answers:

I’d consider any of those areas people already mentioned but also consider Brighton or Allston. And as other people mentioned – consider sharing an apartment which will lower your rent considerably. And depending on where your job is, you probably won’t need a car.

Richard asks…

Can I post two ads on Craiglist?

I recently found a job in Lexington, MA which I have accepted.

Now is the daunting task of finding a place to live in what I have heard is the 2nd most expensive city in America within a week or two.

I have successfully placed one ad under the room/shared advertisement and it shows up so I have an account that is functioning.

I would like to place a 2nd ad to see if I could find a reasonably priced studio apartment along Route 2 East of 128/95, I’ve heard that there is no “reasonably priced studios” but if I could find one, then I have a choice between shared and an apartment.

I’ve heard that if you’re not careful you’ll get banned/ghosted and I don’t want that to happen.

So the question is: Now that I have one ad looking for a room (shared housing) in: boston craigslist > boston/camb/brook > housing > room/share wanted, am I allowed to place a second ad looking for an apartment in: boston craigslist > boston/camb/brook > housing > apts wanted

Would someone please let me know and also, how often do you “re-run” the ad? I’ve heard to re-run it every two days (>48 hours). I don’t want to accidentally get black listed.

Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Running those two ads for those two separate things will be fine

if both ads are posted within a 48 hr time period, the 2nd ad will need to worded different enough to not get blocked for posting an ad that is too similar to the 1st ad

after an ad is 48 hrs old you will see a “renew’ link for the ad on your craigslist account page – click the renew link & your ad will be bumped to the top of the list – renew is an option every 48 hrs for 30 days after the original posting date – after 30 days you can delete the ad then you’ll see a “repost” link for the ad on your account page

good luck – I hope you find a suitable place

Mandy asks…

What would my salary need to be to afford $1,700-$2,000 rent?

I’m considering moving to Boston in the future, and I was wondering how much I would need to make per year in order to rent a studio apartment there in that range. I would only need to provide for myself, and I don’t have too many expenses. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Shannon, I want you to google “cost of living calculator by zip code”.
This will allow you to compare where you are living now with Boston.
That way you will know what salary will match what you currently make to be able to afford the same or better lifestyle.


Google about 3 sites and take down notes – all sites will have slighly different information…

Carol asks…

How do I house break a puppy in a studio apartment?

My husband & I just got a Bug (Boston Terrier/Pug mix) puppy & we adore her, but right now we’re living in a studio apartment…and though we plan on moving to a bigger place, we’re stuck here for a little while. What can I do meanwhile? She is only about 2 months old. I’m trying to use those training pads, but she’s only actually peed on one once, and I’m starting to think it was a fluke. haha Is it safe to just try and take her out every hour or two or should I be concerned about parvo & other viruses, even though she’s gotten her booster’s & first set of shots? Should we hold off on any out door visitations until she’s a bit older? With our living situation it seems ideal to just take her for walks or outside when necessary, but my concern is that she’s too little and the risk is too big that she could catch something serious. Especially since we live in Arizona. Any suggestions on potty training for us?
The only reason I mentioned Arizona is because I have been told that lately there have been a lot of problems with parvo in the dirt/ground, not because I think it is any worse than any other. :) Thank you guys for all the help you’re offering.

Administrator answers:

Take her outside about every half hour or hour to potty. That’s what people with big dogs have to do and it is perfectly fine for the little dogs to do too. Even without shots, as long as you aren’t taking your dog to somewhere that lots of dogs frequent there is a very low chance of your dog getting sick. Living in Arizona is no worse for diseases than any other state in the US.. And acutally better than several due to its climate. I know because I lived there for 20 years.

Sharon asks…

Rent a Large Private Room or Share a Studio Apartment?


I will be going to school in Boston this fall and am going to have to get off campus housing since the dorms are like $16000/year and already full. I have been searching Craigslist and am trying to decide between sharing a studio with a friend or renting out my own private room for like $700/ month with access to Boston.

What would be best in the long run based on your experience?

Thanks in Advance!!;)
An apartment would actually come out to about $600 per month with a roommate so there would only be a $100 difference

Administrator answers:

Most studio apartments do not have physical space available for two beds. I would be very, very hesitant to share a studio with anyone other than a significant other – and even then, it’s a small space for two people. Could you get a one bedroom with a den or sunroom instead?

A single room in a multi-resident apartment can be awesome or a major pain. I would want to meet the roommates first and see if I could live with them before making any decisions.

Donna asks…

Which suburban is the cheapest for apartment rental in Boston ? and which better for me studio or one room apr

I am a PhD student married and have a kid 2 years old.
Will be study in Boston University.
Thank you for all who replay me. my idea of cheap is 600$ .Is it possible and is it permited for me and my family to live in one bed room or in studiuo

Administrator answers:

To answer this correctly we would need to know your idea of “cheap”
1 Bedrooms in Boston can run from 1200 and up, studios slightly less.
Some suburbs like Revere, Medford, Malden (all convienat to the train) you can find decent rentals for about $800 and up.

Susan asks…

Questions about the Boston area?

I was wondering what the average cost of a 1 bedroom apartment or studio would cost in Boston?
Also I don’t want to live somewhere dangerous but I also don’t mind not living somewhere a rich/middle class person would.
Because Ive lived in the ghetto my whole life so yea,What areas are good?
Also whats Boston and New Bed ford like?

Administrator answers:

Beacon Hill — prices are high and space can be tight, but you are in the safest and most gorgeous area of Boston. Everything is right around the corner, and within walking distance. As a resident renter or buyer, you receive free onstreet parking for your vehicles.

Back Bay — prices are just about as high as Beacon Hill, but space is a bit more for the dollar. AGain, everything is right around the corner you have and parking works the same.

Rents for 1 beds in both areas can range from $1000 – $2500 based on how nice, large, amenties, etc…it really depends. You can find a great deal, you just have to do the HW to do so.

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