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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In Boston

December 10, 2012

Mark asks…

Do you think I could afford an apartment in Boston?

I want to live in Boston at least for year…if I make $13 an hour and work full time (I have benefits and pay for insurance) do you think I could afford my own place in the city?

I’m thinking a studio or one bedroom place. I don’t think I want a roomate and I would want to live in a safe neighborhood (of course).

Is this possible?

Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Maybe if you worked at least 80 hours a week at $13/hour.

Charles asks…

a cheap place to live in or at least near boston?

id love to live somewhere near boston, if not IN boston itself.
is there any parts of town that are somewhat affordable?
im aware boston is pricey.
i only need a studio or 1 bedroom apartment.

Administrator answers:

It really depends on where you need to be to work or go to school. You can get some good deals for Oct 1st or later in student areas (Allston, Brighton, Fenway/Kenmore). That’s because schools have all started by then and landlords are looking at an entire winter with no tenants. You are likely to get a 10 or 11-month lease, though.

Parts of Cambridge, Malden, Arlington, Somervile, Quincy. All of these are on the T.

Check Craigslist for an idea of how much each neighborhood runs. Watch out for Roxbury and Dorchester unless you have a friend who really knows those areas.

Donna asks…

Concerning a guy from Boston wanting to move to the Southwest?

It was being suggested I am a Liberal, well I’m not and don’t assume everyone from Mass is one. It isn’t as liberal as people think. And for the record I am Libertarian and most of my friends are Conservative and I am Conservative on some things such as abortion. And I have no intention of trying to change any ones community, why would I want to bring Boston with me when I hate it here? Now that we have that settled, please give me an honest answer to my question.

Where in the SouthWest is an acceptable place to find a MINIMUM wage job and a cheap studio or apartment?
I am moving out there from Boston. I know many of you will say don’t go but I love the southwest, the desert and the weather(yeah it’s hot but no humidity!)

I am considering New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and West Texas.
This was the original question;_ylt=Av9FM7_dw19BxjAqW9jN9ePsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100515202833AAVO2WP

Administrator answers:

I’m a Massachusetts transplant happily living in Phoenix, and have been for 9 years now. Over this time, I’ve met probably 100 other Mass transplants. The Red Sox Nation group out here is very active. The number one thing that caused me to move was snow. I can’t stand it. I hated having to shovel out my car to drive to work, and everything else that snow entails.

The unemployment rate in Arizona is very similar to that in Massachusetts, somewhere in the 9-10% range. There are jobs here, especially for those people who have a college degree. Wages are over-all lower, but the cost of living is drastically lower, so it works out in the end.

However, the biggest downside of Arizona is the culture and nightlife. In the Boston area, you can find a bar or restaurant in just about every corner. That’s not the case here. They are either nightclubs that are very scene, something catering to the college crowd or just bad. The neighborhood bar just doesn’t exist, it’s most likely an Applebee’s (please, kill me now). The city proper is dead after 6:00 PM, unless it’s a game night.

And, for the record, I’m a screaming liberal. And while I disagree with most of the politics in Arizona, I can’t help but admire Sheriff Joe. I exercise my rights to vote for whom and what I want to vote for. I may be in the minority, but I still vote.

Helen asks…

What are good places to find apartments in the Boston, MA area?

I’ve looked on craigslist, myfirstplace,, My price is no more than $800 a month, MUST be 1-2 bedrooms NOOO studios. The areas I’m looking are Boston, Quincy, Dedham, Needham, Weymouth, Medford, Lynn, Somerville, Brookine, Braintree, Chelsea. Also needs to be within 10-15 min walk to transportation–bus, t, . I dont really want to go to the newspaper route because I’m relocating from N.H. and I don’t have time to go view apartments from an ad, I need to see pictures of the place before I set up a viewing.

Anyone that can tell me sites and places to check into would be helping me a great deal! Thanks

Administrator answers:

If you can’t find one that cheap in Lynn or Chelsea on Craigslist, then there aren’t any you’d want to live in. Plug in names of T-stops.

Look at the Boston Globe newspaper (used to be the Saturday edition, not sure now) to see if there’s anything at all in that price range. Call the number and ask for online or emailed pictures. Ask how far the bus is. Most landlords will comply. Also the Lynn Daily Item.

Also look at Malden (Orange Line), Allston, Brighton. And think seriously about a roommate.

Susan asks…

I”m moving, and am looking for a good truck rental that can seat 3 people….?

I am moving from minneapolis to boston. I have a small studio apartment, not much furniture. and not much stuff. I figured a ten foot truck would do the job.
however, my brother and sister-in-law, who already live in boston, are joining me on my journey out there…
does anyone know of a truck rental that has room for three people in the cab area? most places say a ten foot truck only seats two….I don’t want to rent a bigger truck. HELP!

yeah…looked online already..hence…asking on yahoo answers.

Administrator answers:

I dont know look on line

Chris asks…

Boston University-owned apartments?

I’m a incoming grad student at BU and will be looking at the BU-owned off-campus apartments next week. I think the ones they have are on Bay State Road as well as some on Beacon Street. I’m also on the wait list for a studio in the 580 Comm building, which I hear is impossible to get.

I don’t want to deal with the realtors, finder’s fee, distance, and the hassle of renting something off-campus. If anyone has any photos or comments about the BU-owned units, please share.
I’m in the College of Communication PR program. How about you? What are you doing about housing next year?

Administrator answers:

BU owened off-campus units are on the expensive side. If you can afford 1250 or more per month go for it. I know that past students have enjoyed them. Keep in mind they do not allow pets if you have any. I think that going on craigslist and looking at shared situations with fellow BU student will be your best bet. You can avoid realtors, finder’s fees, etc. There are a lot of apartments on campus that are not BU owned.

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