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January 27, 2013

Steven asks…

Looking for a decent college in the Boston area, help?

I don’t know much about Boston or the area around it. I plan on moving there next semester and attending a decent college with pre-med as my major. My hopes are to attend a college in the Boston area. Do well in school. Try my best on the MCAT and apply to Harvard Medical School. Internet research only goes so far. So I am looking for opinions of people who have personal experiences with Boston Colleges or even if you have only been to one College in the Boston area. I am looking for a college with a good pre-med program (I don’t know if that’s an accurate way to describe it, but you understand what I’m saying), and I’m not interested in being forced to live on campus. I’m thinking studio apartment. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

You should try to get into either Tufts or College of the Holy Cross which both get around 85% of their applicants into medicals schools. The national average is around 44%.

Nancy asks…

Help in living Green?

How much are Studio apartments usually?
Are the expenses for Gas,Electricity and appliances included or do you have to pay for each bill? Can you buy a Studio apartment and customize it such as Painting? Or, do you only rent the apartment and cannot paint? Are pets such as a single cat allowed or does it depends?
What are the rules of renting a studio apartment and buying one.
I want to know everything that is to know.
No URLs. Experience and tremendous details please. I need to know the price range of Studio apartments. I live in Massachusetts. I hope to get a studio in either Boston or Malden. Are they expansive in CA?

Administrator answers:

Sell your car, get a horse (for transportation and fertilizer) turn off the electricity and gas, cook in the back yard (or balcony) on a BBQ, take a bath in the lake, start a garden on the roof.

Maria asks…

Suggestions for a safe neighborhood?

My husband and I are moving from Boston to Chicago due to a job I recently got. I will be working in Richton Park. I have never been to Chicago but I read threads saying Richton Park isn’t a safe neighborhood. Any suggestions which neighborhood we should check out? Living in Boston, which is a small city, I felt generally safe even late at night- so now I am getting more and more anxious about this move, considering that Chicago is a big city. We’re looking into a studio apartment. We set our budget to not more than $700. I appreciate all your responses. Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

Richton Park is 34 miles south of the Loop (downtown Chgo). It is a separate village with no high gang activity. There are always concerns of safety anywhere. Below, the 1st, 2nd + 5th entries show apartments that are safe and in your price limits: Park, IL&rentmin=600&rentmax=700&bedchkvalue=&bathchkvalue=&Neighborhoods=&PropertyType=&HousingType=&Amenity=,&numListings=10&O_PK=richton park apartment&frontdoor=google&stype=refine#searchCriteria=zoBfMO4n2tVV-%7ClFUlv-%7CXBlzsOYr8rEAoIW8JEM4fb2HZNIEmR1V8uatceOAjv/DpwEOsD9J01ohLKaZG2D7MRoH87zOIleOEShChVgEbPyy4p5lfTS-%7CazETRISGuV62FiHudHyaMUJGm0uGpe0crwIw6kjgoX-%7CPjLH1ayU1chNYz/jjkx0IuqHN31VhW3N3d

You might want to call the local police depts for advice about the apt complexes:

Richton Park police:

Park Forest Police:

Local news:

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