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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In Chicago

February 25, 2013

Carol asks…

How hard is it to get an apartment?

Hello I’m looking in to moving to the big city of Chicago.How hard will it be for me to get an apartment? I will be new to the city so I’ll have no job.I have about 4 grand in the bank and I have good credit.I’m planning on getting a job as soon as possible but I understand it is hard to find a apartment without one.As far as a apartment goes I’m just looking for a little studio around 600 a month.It is almost overwhelming and frustrating to think about it what should I do?

Administrator answers:

Chicago is a big city, so renting an apartment far North, and finding a job far South or West would be a mistake. Can you rent in a cheap hotel while looking for a job? In some neighborhoods $600 for a studio is impossible to find, and quite possible in others. I’d get the job first. If you find a job near public transportation, you might want an apartment near the el, or a bus line. You can tell potential employers that you have just moved to town, so your residence is temporary until you find a job. Give them your cell phone number as a contact phone.

Sharon asks…

how to you feel about the presidential towers in chicago?

i have read reviews, and i have seen some bad ones about the service, and the people that live there. but i am going to be a college student. does anyone know anything about the dorms? and how do the apartments look? i am not too worried about the service.

Administrator answers:

Get a small studio apartment downtown. It will be more convenient and more conducive for studying. Plus, dorms are not exactly cheap, at least the ones offered at the Art Institute where I went to school. If you are lucky, you can get a studio apartment downtown for around $1,100.

Thomas asks…

What is a good price for a 1 or 2 bedroom college apartment in the Lakeview area of Chicago?

Moving from TN where something like that will run about 500-600 a month for a good 1 bedroom, and about 800-1000 for a good 2 bedroom. What can I expect to pay in the Lakeview, Belmont, Edgewater, etc. areas of Chicago? What’s the best place for people right out of college?

Administrator answers:

You’re prices are 1/2 of what a 1 BR and 2 BR apartment will be in Lakeview. It is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city.

You need to expand your search to include studios. They are in buildings built in the 20′s and have huge rooms and closets, and are cheaper without having to have a roommate. Most students just need a bed, desk and somewhere to throw their clothes.

I picked some neighborhoods you might be interested in.


George asks…

Where is a good place to do a nude photoshoot in Chicago?

I’m not really inclined to pay for a studio, but are there any cool places here where I’m allowed to do such pictures?

Administrator answers:

Seriously – the two most important considerations are:

(1) your vision. What kind of images do you want to create, and where can you best create them?

(2) privacy. Yes, it is theoretically possible to photograph a nude model on State Street or Michigan Ave, but you might get arrested, and it wouldn’t be very comfortable for the model (at least this time of year). So you need to pick a location where you will not attract unwanted attention. Suggestions include private homes or apartments, rooftops (in warmer weather, of course), hidden coves along the lakefront (again, in warmer weather), and public spaces at times when the public is not around.

The tendency of most people is to equate nude photography with soft porn. You want to avoid that (I think). Instead, think of photography of the body as an exercise in landscape photography where you are working with shapes, textures and lighting. The basic requirements are a model, and a window (preferably north-facing but others will work at the right time of day).

Mary asks…

Is it possible to get an apartment for $500-$600 in a decent neighborhood in Chicago?

I’m planning on moving to Chicago next year and I’m looking to spend between $500 and $600 for a place but in an area where I won’t have to worry about stray bullets or getting mugged. I’m from NY where you can expect to pay about $800 or better for an apartment in the “hood”. I’ve never been to Chicago so I know nothing about the areas. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Um, I don’t know what’s with the posters above. I live in Chicago. I also work and go to school in Chicago. Yes, it is possible to get an apartment for $600 or so IN the city–and yes, in a reasonably safe part of the city, too. However, it would have to be a studio apartment.

Neighborhoods to search (I recommend websites for the Chicago Reader and Craigslist Chicago) include Pilsen, Rogers Park and Edgewater. You might want to try Uptown, too. Bridgeport has some very affordable rents; however, the neighborhood tends not to be especially kind to people who are not Caucasian.
Neighborhoods such as Portage Park and Jefferson Park on the Far Northwest Side are affordable, too, but they aren’t trendy, so if nightlife, etc., is important to you, you might not be interested. However, these two neighborhoods are very quiet and family-oriented–certainly safe by urban standards.

Good luck!

Michael asks…

How dangerous is Chicago/ which areas are most dangerous?

I’m considering moving to Chicago in the next year or two. I would be staying in an apartment or something similar. In general, is it a fairly safe place? are there any areas that i should look out for? When you say an area is dangerous, give me an example or two of crime that’s involved in that area. Also, realize that i’m from Kansas City, so i know what a dangerous place is (not to say that’s it’s more so than Chicago), and i’m not some naive suburbian. How does Chicago compare to KC?

Administrator answers:

Chicago is a great place to live especially in the Summer. There are a lot of places that are not very safe in Chicago, however I would not call it dangerous. The bottom line is, you get what you pay for. It’s to many crime areas that are not so good but I will just tell you where you should look. Chicago is much faster than Kansas of course but if your thinking moving here just make sure your finances are tight. Everything has gotten high over the last 6 years. If your looking for a studio apartment you should move to the north side or close to Hyde Park. It might be a little pricey but you should be able to pay somewhere between $700-$900, depending on where it is the space may be bigger. I’m sure you can probably find a place for $500-$700 but good luck with safety. If you move to the suburbs then you will be about 30-50 minutes away from Chicago depending on where you live. If you do not have a car, don’t worry, transportation in Chicago is everywhere. To answer your question fully..I would not move to Chicago. I would suggest that you move outside of Chicago like Evanston, IL., Hoffman Estates, Schaumburg etc. They have apartments as well but again you get what you pay for! I’m not sure what your budget is and what your intentions are once you get here but the more detailed you are the better an answer you will get. I hope I was a little helpful. Keep in mind this is my opinion and experience in Chicago. I will also put a source for more information.

Jenny asks…

How can I help a homeless friend?

My friend lives on the streets in Chicago… He’s been homeless for about 9 months, and I want to help him get out of this mess. What social work programs and opportunities are there to help people like him?

Administrator answers:

Refer you friend to a socal service organization serving the homeless. I’d recommend choosing one that has case management and/or informatin and referral. Here are some examples:
Street-To-Home Initiative
651 W. Lake Street
Chicago, IL 60661
Phone: (312) 655-7554
2 social workers place up to 25 chronic homeless individuals in housing and provide intensive case management services with a focus on assisting the individuals in maintaining their housing.

Lake County Housing Case Management
671 S. Lewis
Waukegan, IL 60085
Intake: (847) 782-4000
Fax: (847) 782-1030
Comprehensive housing counseling assisting the homeless and those at risk of homelessness in locating and securing permanent housing. Services include education, advocacy, information and referrals. Provides first-time home buyers’ education as well as mortgage default and foreclosure prevention counseling. Provides budget counseling for clients experiencing financial difficulties. Services by appointment in four locations in Lake County.

St. Leo Residence
7750 S. Emerald
Chicago, Il. 60620
Phone: (773) 651-9950
Provides 141 individual studio apartments for single individuals giving preference to homeless veterans. The building includes a computer library, community rooms, laundry facilities, and 24-hour desk clerk, as well as on-site supportive services with three casemanagers and a community liaison assisting residents with adjustment to housing, local community integration and social service needs.

Good luck,

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