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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In Chicago

July 1, 2013

Sandra asks…

How best would I go about soundproofing my apartment floor?

Many say it can’t be done in an apartment. However, I think I can come close. I am on my way to becoming a private music lesson teacher. The instrument is trumpet. I will teach out of my home apartment studio. The floor is hardwood. Sound travels easily here in these old Chicago apartments. There is no one above me, only below.

What kind of material should I use to place on the floor? How many layers, inches? Please keep in mind I am renting so the setup should be removable. Can you suggest any particular stores, online or not?

Also, even if it doesn’t become totally soundproof that’s okay, the goal is to reduce sound as much as possible.


Administrator answers:

Cork tiles maybe? Just a guess – I read about it in a book a long time ago . . .

David asks…

Where can I find a roommate in Chicago for less than $400 a month?

I currently live in a basement apartment and I pay $390 a month. It includes all the utilities, but the basement is unfinished and everyone in the building has access to my apartment. I would like to move into a normal apartment and not pay more than $430 a month with utl. I also want to live in a safe area preferably near the red or blue line train, but any train or bus stop would do as long as it was safe. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers: has listings for studios and roommates. Put in a max value of 430 and a min value of 100 to search (don’t leave min field blank or 0 as then it will includes garages and ads without values).

I don’t know your gender, but there’s a place that’s men only at $80/week right by Wilson and Broadway, Red Line.

If you like religion, there’s a rooming house above a church (40 units) at 2825 W. McLean that go from $337.50 to $370.

Plus a huge list I have.

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