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July 20, 2013

Lisa asks…

Is new York a good place to study and live for an Econ/math major that wants to work in investment stuff?

I want to work on wall street or do some work with wall street related things. New York any good or is it overpriced and not worth it, because there are plenty of jobs similar to the ones I am looking of in Chicago and places like that. I crave the new York life, bit I just want some opinions. I also would mind studying there, but the cost could be an issue. And sorry for any spelling mistakes; types this up with my pione

Administrator answers:

New York is the promise land to many people. However, not anyone can survive in the city. If you can find a job that will pay you more than 60,000$ per year, then yeah you might be able to survive there. Probably get a studio apartment somewhere in Queens for a while, save up some money to move to a nicer area later. But if you can’t find a job that will pay you this much, then no, you need to rethink this through.
NYC is the most expensive city in the US. Working on wall street is the dream of many Ivy League business students. Most of the people who work on Wall Street are either Ivy League grads, or grads from reputable universities such as NYU, Boston University, Cornell, Columbia… Or workers with killer resumes and great experience in their field. Maybe you can start working in Chicago, get some experience, then go off to NYC.
If you want to study in NYC, your best hope if NYU or Columbia. But you need to have great grades like a stellar GPA and high SAT scores. NYU’s business school is one of the best in the country but it HIGHLY competitive.
It is very expensive going there, considering you might not get any aid because you are an international student.

That’s all I have. Good luck!

Chris asks…

What’s a good title for my book (description below)?

It’s about a girl named Jane whose parents are taking her to live Colorado from Chicago. She doesn’t want to go, so at the last second she rips up her plane ticket and convinces her parents that she was seated somewhere else. She runs out, finds a small job, and secretly lives in the basement of her old apartment (she can’t live in the apartment for obvious-ish reasons) until she gains enough money to buy a small studio apartment and works her way into a bigger job to support herself (she’s 17 years old so it kind of works, right?). But in her apartment, she finds a dead body in her closet, and overhears her downstairs neighbors are involved with some dirty work in a branch of illegal black marketing. She gets caught, and gets in all sorts of trouble, and has to work her way out of it.

I tend to work better when I know what my title is so I can find a way to work around it, kind of like Minecraft when you build a small ‘house’ around a person or a creeper or something. So, if you have any ideas, please share! And, I will accept constructive criticism as long as there’s no hating. So, if you would like to comment with any adjustments or suggestions on the plot, feel free to do so! But I’m mainly looking for titles, so it’d be great if you guys could help me out with that. Thanks!! :)
Oh, by the way, her dad is actually an abusive, pathologically egotistical (megalomaniac) drunk, and her mother is too afraid of him to defend her anyways, so it’s just something that may or may not help. Thanks again!! :)
Actually, no. Scratch that. Her parents aren’t abusive, no worries. Normal family. I changed my mind. Sorry.. :P

Administrator answers:

*Fate of a Lost Soul
*Message Written in The Stars
*Lost in Tragedy

Hope I helped :)

Robert asks…

What’s the main difference between being at a bulge bracket investment bank in NY and CHI?

What’s the main difference between being at a bulge bracket investment bank in NY and CHI? Skill level? Deal Size?

Administrator answers:

You won’t see a huge gap in deal size – you’ll probably work on more Midwestern companies in Chicago and more financial companies in NYC. The city that you’re in really doesn’t say much about skill level – maybe a bit about personality, though (NYC can be crazy workaholic, while Chicago is just normal workaholic).

The big difference will be in compensation – you will make WAY more money in Chicago! Your salary in NYC would probably look up to 20% better on paper, but as far as cost of living goes, people in Chicago can get almost twice what people in NYC can find. For what you would pay for a 600 sqft studio apartment in the Upper East Side, you can get a 2 bedroom place in The Loop.

Daniel asks…

What are model apartments in new York like?

Where are they, what agencies provide them, how many girls are there, are the hurls normally friends and how old are most of the girls?

Administrator answers:

Most of the big agencies have model apartments – Ford, Elite, Next, etc. How many girls depends on the actual apartment. These are not luxury accommodations, there are 2-4 beds in each bedroom (bunk beds) and a house chaperone. You have no choice who you share the apartment is. The girls can be any age. There are some model apartments that have 3 bedrooms with 4 girls in each of the 2 rooms and the chaperone (like a house mother, usually an older woman) has her old room. There are also some temporary apartments that are studios with 2-4 beds normally just for short term stays, like if a model from Chicago comes to NY for a shoot and needs a place to stay for 1-2 nights

Most models only stay in the apartments either when they first move to NY and need a place to stay for a month or two until they find their own apartment. Or if a model from another city like Milan, Paris, etc is sent to work in NY for a few days or weeks

These apartments are not free. The models are billed for them — they can either pay upfront or have the rent taken out of their pay

Watch the documentary “Picture Me” by Sara Ziff and you’ll see what some of the model apartments look like as she films in some of them

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