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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In Chicago

August 27, 2013

Ruth asks…

Does anyone notice that it’s EXTREMELY hard to find an apartment in Chicago??

I was planning to move out of my apartment Aug 31st. I’ve been looking since like July 1st. I have only 2 weeks and I have no idea where I’m going to be living. I’m looking for and affordable 1 bedroom. Any place I find that has good prices says they don’t have any 1 bedrooms available. I’m really worried that in 2 weeks I won’t have anywhere to live.

Originally I thought it was the area I was looking in but I’m trying various areas in Chicago and still having no success? Has anyone else been through this? I’ve tried newspapers, craigslist, chicagoreader, etc. Still no success. Any suggestions??????
I have viewed apartments that I liked and were in the price range I was looking for and when I went back a few days later to apply, they tell me there’s none available anymore.

Or, I see places that are in the paper that say they have 1, 2, 3 bedrooms etc and when I call they say they don’t have any 1 bedrooms AVAILABLE. They have them in the building and they mention them in the ads but there are none available.

Administrator answers:

Look for a studio. Some of them are just as big as 1br’s, but it opens up a lot of apartments to you. Also, look at condo buildings, they are nice places to live and the rent can be lower than apartment buildings — owners just want to cover their mortgage and find a decent person to fill the place.

You could also use a locator
Chicago apartment Finders
Chicago Apartment and Condo’s
Apartment People

The building pays the fee.

Mandy asks…

Cheap Student Housing in Chicago Near Columbia College?

I would need to move in around may 2012, and I would want to be no more than 700/month.

Administrator answers:

Apartments and studios around Columbia College are not cheap at all, but when you move to Chicago, try to get a U-pass, so that you can get around the city very conveniently. Besides, you can choose cheaper apartments in other areas.

I searched on and find several apartments in the vicinity of the college. Well, it’s kind of expensive. The rate is much higher than you’ve expected.

1- Apartments in Presidential Towers Apartments are available from $1126 to $1378.


2- Apartments at 1130 S. Michigan Ave might be ideal for you. It’s not far from the college and the rates range from $1070 to $1395. There’re lots of choices for you.


As you said, you’d like the rate no more than 700/month, so I guess you’ll have to rent studios or apartments a little far from the college. But, it’ll be okay. Thanks to the CTA, it’ll be really easy to commute between the college and your apartment.

Reside Ravenswood Apartments have a couple of 1 bedroom studio available at $610 to $730. If this is acceptable for you, check it out:

1030 North Dearborn Apartments also have affordable studio apartments. The prices rang from $655 to $825.


Well, you can also check out these websites to find some better deals for you.


If you want to find some nice but cheap apartments of studios in this area, try to take advantage of Chicago Craigslist. There may be some good offers. Just give it a try.


Hope this info helped.

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