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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In Chicago

October 6, 2012

Lisa asks…

Is 290 sq feet small for a studio apartment?

Looking at studios in Chicago. I know they are smaller than 1 bedrooms but what would bea good size?

Administrator answers:

Go outside, and measure out a 17ft x 17ft square. That’s about 290 square feet.

Donna asks…

in Chicago, can I find a studio apartment in the north side of the city for $500 a month?

Administrator answers:

When I searched on, I found that most of the apartments, even studios, are nearly $600 – 700+ per month. But, according to the image, these apartments are really nice, spacious, clean and with beautiful surroundings.

Reside Ravenswood Apartments have a couple of 1 bedroom studio available at $610 to $730. If this is acceptable for you, check it out:

1030 North Dearborn Apartments also have affordable studio apartments. The prices rang from $655 to $825.


if you can only accept studios less than $500, here’s an option for you. This apartment is available at $400 per month. It’s located at N Kimball Ave, Chicago IL. Albany Park North Side. Within walking distance of both North Park and Northeastern Universities.

You can see more details or contact your roommate on the following page.


Here’s a page with some helpful tips on how to find cheap apartments in chicago. Maybe useful for you. Take a look.


Good luck!

Maria asks…

Whats a good website to find apartments?

So next year, dec of 2011 i will be done with school and plan on moving out for good. I would like to find a studio apartment, or a small apartment if i live with someone.
I want to live in chicago or the subs of chicago. Whats a good reliable website to find affordable apartments?

Administrator answers:


David asks…

I want to know where to find an no credit check apartment.?

I wanted to know where to find an no credit check apartment in chicago illinois for an studio apartment.

Administrator answers:

I realize that the choices you made may have been poor. But every one needs a place to live. I don’t understand why ppl feel that ppl with bad credit love the idea of having it. If you are responsible enough to maintain a job you deserve a decent place to live.

I would try or craigslist. The places in Chicago that do not perform credit checks for their apartments are in BAD areas and bad living conditions.

Sandra asks…

What Chicago areas would you recommend?

I’m planning on moving to Chicago Illinois from Saint Louis Missouri because Missouri is ABSOLUTELY boring and nothing to do. I’m either moving there myself or with a family member. I want to move in a studio apartment, an AFFORDABLE one, also to move in a safe neighbor. And yes, I have quite a lot of money but thats just for food, shelter, etc. So what area like..street, neighborhood or whatever would you suggest? AND, How affordable are studio apartments there?

Administrator answers:

Lincoln Square, Ravenswood, and North Center
It is pedestrian friendly, public transportation is nearby, nightlife, grocery stores, parks, huge library, plenty of good restaurants, about 15-30 minute commute to downtown, not too far from lake not too far from expressway 90/ 94, etc..etc..studios depends on how much and how nice you want to live you can maybe get away with a shoebox size studio for like 500-700 decent nice size 600-900 and spacious 1 bedroom 750- 1100.

William asks…

Flies and Knat problem?

I live in a small studio apartment in Chicago and, at the same hour every night, I end up with tons of the little knatlike flies on my ceiling and wall. I walk around spraying them with cleaning fluid, which seems to kill them nicely, but why are they here? And why at the same hour every night? Any insight? This has never been a problem until a few weeks ago.

Administrator answers:

Did you get any new plants? Sometimes I get soil with little knats in it. If not, then there could possibly be some in your apartment building that happen to drift up to your apartment.

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