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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In Chicago

December 14, 2012

Ken asks…

Good Colleges with good surrounding areas?

So I’m currently in my Junior year of High school starting to view colleges. One thing I really want to do is find a good college with a good area. I’m not really a small town type of person, but I do realize the bigger the city, the pricier it gets. I was wondering if anyone knew of some really good colleges that had really good surrounding areas? It’s always been my dream to live in Los Angeles or Chicago, but even with studio apartments, those hefty prices plus out of state tuition can Start to stack up. I also realize colleges should be chosen by what someone wants to major in, but right now I’m just browsing. Thanks (:

Administrator answers:

If you’re looking to find some of the best Colleges Online or Offline then you need to NEO which is the National Education Online or call 888-883-1939. They have Bachelors, Associate & Masters Degrees here are what they offer.

Associates – Accounting, Business, Computer Science, Information Technology (IT), Health Care Administration, Criminal Justice, Medical Office Administration, Paralegal & Legal Assistant
Bachelors – Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Networking, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Health Administration, Information Technology (IT), Psychology, Nursing (RN to BSN)
Masters – Business Administration (MBA), Education,Criminal Justice, Information Systems Management, Psychology, Nursing (RN to MSN).

Lizzie asks…

Apartments in Chicago 60639?

ughmm………it would be awesome if it had atleast 1 bedroom.. but if theres a studio then thats fine. the price range would be max. $400. i know its a llittle but thats what can be afforded. & i want it to be that zip code….if its not that doont bother to put it..not to be
ok well im not saying your infromation was not useful but ive lived here my whoe life & i think i would know about gangs and what not. in all realityy nothing really happens to you as long as you stay away….awesome and fun place to live. i just wanted to know websites that had aprtments for rent not websites that told me about the area..-__-

Administrator answers:

Check craigslist..and know 400 is on the low side and not impossible..just know that if you do find something that low the area may be gang infested especially with that zip code..happy hunting’s…

Ruth asks…

Had a nice Chicago apartment 29 years. Bad times, broke lease, left place in bad shape. How can I rent now?

I got an inheritance, got laid off, spent it on drugs, didn’t get a job…crashed and burned. I’m middle class, otherwise together, good work history, credit’s not bad. I can’t get a co-signer, and I’m living in a pay-by-the-week hotel. What are my chances of getting a studio-1 bedroom that’s not a slum? I’m a white male.

Administrator answers:

Glad to hear that you’ve turned your life around. My suggestion is that you go out and present yourself as someone who has changed their life and are willing to give a sizeable security deposit, first and last months rent etc. For them taking a chance on you. Be polite and humble. YOu might network through people at work or contact local realtors for leads. There are also apt rental magazines for free around town here in Atlanta, perhaps there are similar publications there? Good Luck!

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