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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In Chicago

February 13, 2013

Robert asks…

Are there any affordable furnished studios in Chicago?

I need to stay in Chicago November – late December or even till early January. I need a place that is fully furnished and able to rent out a month at least that is near Loyola Lake Shore campus. Please, if you Chicago people know any good deals on something please let me know!

I already used craigslist and airbnb which haven’t been helpful because they show nothing that fits me.

Administrator answers:

Loyola’s Lake Shore campus is in a not-so-great neighborhood, where there is probably some cheap housing available.

Why don’t you contact Loyola University’s housing office and ask them if they have any listings of studio apartments or rooms available in the area near their campus?

Also walk up and down the streets around the neighborhood (during the day) and look for rental signs on the doors and windows of apartment buildings. Many landlords in East Rogers Park do not advertise their vacancies in the conventional manner: all they do is stick a notice on the front door of their buildings.

Also, there is a large building called the Sheridan Court Apartments about 1/2 mile north of Loyola at Pratt Avenue. They may have some short-term furnished units there.

Please be advised that the East Rogers Park neighborhood is sketchy, and I would not recommend you walk down any dark streets at night there (Sheridan Road is OK). There ARE gangs, drug pushers, and other undesirables nearby.

Lisa asks…

Where is the best place for in Chicago for a Student to live?

Hi guys, I’m thinking of getting my own 1 bedroom apartment in Chicago while attending school. Please tell me what area (street, town, ect…) is the best place (safe, affordable, resources) to live for a student like myself? Thank you!!!

Administrator answers:

Which school? There are hundreds of neighborhoods in the city and suburbs. Any could have the possible “school” you will be attending.

You would probably be better off within walking distance of your classes. Parking is overcrowded and overpriced.

Public transportation is relatively cheap and wll get you anywhere.

Studio apartments are smaller but cheaper.

David asks…

What are the good neighborhoods in Chicago?

I am planning on moving to Chicago next year from florida. Single lady, looking for a fun area and lots to see, non violence areas, and low crime rate. Rent can be $680-950. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Lincoln Park – a small studio apartment will probably run at the upper end of your range. Parking sucks. Tons to do. Close to the lake, lincoln park zoo, more upscale bars, clubs, restaurants, DePaul University, shopping.

Lakeview – this is a pretty big “neighborhood”. I’ll give you some street intersections to start a radius search for apartment. Depending on what you want to do, there are a couple sub-areas to look at.

Wrigleyville(Addison St/Clark st) parking still sucks, near Wrigley Field (Cubs baseball). Younger crowd(think frat boys running around), lots of bars. Again a small one bed/studio will run at top of your price range. Near the red line – so easy train access to downtown.
(also check out the Southport ave/Belmont ave area. Pretty fun little place, very up and coming.)

Northcenter (My favorite). Lincoln ave/Irving Park rd. More single family homes mixed in with apartments. Street parking is relatively easy. Nice mix of small bars, restaurants, and some boutique shops on Lincoln, large park nearby. Rent will still be at your upper end, but you’ll probably be getting something a little nicer. Close to the brown line for train transportation. Further west of the lake though.

Roscoe Village (Roscoe ave/Damen ave) – Similar to Northcenter. A little more eclectic of an area, but some nice boutique shops, relatively easy parking, small bars. Rent similar to Northcenter.

I’ve always lived on the Northside of chicago, so I’m sure some people will give you some good ideas closer to downtown. I can’t give good opinions cuz I haven’t lived there.

Crime is relatively low in those areas, but remember it is a big city and there is still more crime than a suburb would have.

Some people will dispute this, but I would say to stay South of Lawrence ave, east of western ave, and north of division st. Just a general guideline for someone who has never been here before.

Hope this helps

George asks…

How expensive is it to live in Chicago? What is the average amount for rent?

I live in Indiana and want to try and move out to Chicago when I graduate. About how much should I save, and what is the cost of living?

Administrator answers:

There are a lot of factors to consider…

*How many rooms in your apartment?
*What neighborhood?
*Keeping your car or using public transportation?
*Which side of the city?

For an average one bedroom apartment in an average, safe neighborhood prices will start at $750-$800 a month. When you start to move into more trendy neighborhoods & closer to the elevated trains your rent can go up to $900 easy for a one bedroom. I have a friend who rents a closet sized studio for $800 in Wicker Park just a block from the Damen blue line stop so keep that in mind as well…
A studio in Chicago is basically a bedroom that doubles as your living room, a kitchen & a bathroom.

You can lower your rent considerably on the Southside. A bunch of people will probably tell you to avoid the Southside completely but there are plenty of really nice neighborhoods & the public transportation to the Southwest side of the city is probably more reliable than it is to the Northside. I’ve lived on the Southwest side for a long time and my high rent for a really nice apartment was $750…the same place would have gone for $1000 on the Northside. The big difference is you need your car on the Southside because things are definitely more spaced.

My advice:
Plan on spending $1000 a month on rent alone. A normal landlord will ask for your first month’s rent + an equal security deposit. Some ask for the first & last month + a security deposit $3000…though that’s rare, it happens. You may need to buy a window air conditioner, your heat may be free because most apartments still have radiators, you may want to hire movers if you have too many stairs to climb.

To start, research some neighborhoods like Lincoln Park, Lincoln Square, Ravenswood, Uptown, Edgewater, McKinley Park, Logan Square, Bridgeport & Hyde Park. Then check out the average rent for a place on Craigslist:

Sandra asks…

How much to save up to move to chicago?

I am planning on moving to Chicago by December. How much money should I def have saved up by then for the move? I was thinking no less than $5,000 but not sure if that will be enough.

Administrator answers:

It’ll be enough if there’s already a job waiting for your arrival. Or you’ll have to get a job as soon as possible and finally get paid within a couple of months. Otherwise, you might struggle with tough budget.

As for apartment, I recommend you to find one in north or northwest side of Chicago, as studios and apartments in this area are much cheaper than those in other areas. If you choose to live in downtown area, you’ll definitely need more money.

Well, I found some really cheap apartments for you. They can help you save a lot. So, you’ll have more money for food, clothing, gas, etc.

Apartments near Forest Park or River Forest are really cheap and enjoy convenient locations. I found that there’re lots of apartments for rent in this area, like Presidential Towers Apartments, Byn Mawr Apartments, Sheridan-edgewater Apartments etc. The prices are reasonable, ranging from $600 to $900.

Here’s a page for Forest Park Apartments, you can take a look at it to see if there’re any great ones for you:

And according to the info on, there’s a nice apartment in this area. It has received 55 reviews. If you are interested, check this page to see all the reviews:

All in all, $5,000 will be enough if you’re thrifty. You don’t need to economize on food and clothing, just try to not waste your money on things that not necessary. :)

Really hope this info helped! Good luck!

Ken asks…

What’s the name of the Chicago apartment where the movie While You Were Sleeping was shot?

The one where Sandra Bullock’s character had a studio. It will be great if I could live there oneday!

Administrator answers:

Somebody on Wiki answers thinks she knows:
“I believe the apartment used for the movie, “While You Were Sleeping” was located on Logan Boulevard in Logan Square. I lived on the Boulevard when the movie was being filmed and seem to remember walking down there to see if I could see any movie stars.

“I’m pretty sure the apartment building is located near Logan Sq. Blvd and Sacramento.”

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