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September 1, 2012

William asks…

A Really Bad Day…. Really. Ready or Not.. Here I Come!?

So I downsized. House to Studio. Sucks. I wanted to move back to Nashville from Tampa ASAP and only had enough money for the down payment on the studio and the rent. I couldn’t afford to go bigger at the moment.

Anyway.. I’m sitting here with a child I watch and my own child. All of a sudden I hear the screech and bang and then I felt it. I opened my front door and I saw the other half of the Red car sticking out of the wall and an old man laughing in the driving seat.

This guy, screeched around the corner and then STOPPED THE CAR. He then pressed on the gas OVER my CURB (parking space infront of my door) STOPPED AGAIN, and for one more final round, PRESSED ON THE GAS AGAIN and INTO MY APARTMENT. MY STUDIO APARTMENT.

The window shattered but the wall is brick so there isn’t much damage to the wall itself. The pipes outside of my house and the poles holding the second story walkway up are broken in half.

All the clothes and toys and storage, ect are full of glass shards.

Anyway.. I heard the guy tell the police he ment to press on the break but mistakenly pressed the gas.. He did not get charged for DUI (they tested him with pen and steps). They did not charge him with criminal damage to property, NOR did they charge him with wreck less driving???

In Chicago he would have gotten charged with SOMETHING. This guy walked away..

The neighbours then told me that they were selling drugs to him. SO NOW I’M MAD AT MY NEIGHBOURS. IT’S HIS FAULT!!

I don’t do drugs. I don’t drink. Heck. I don’t even stay up past 9PM.

What would you do? Should I call the police station and ask them what they are going to do about it? About not filing a report? I don’t want to nark on them for the drugs because I still live here for the time being and I don’t want any trouble.

One of the mom’s I work for, her child is not present today, but her family is famous. They have a few of their own shows plus a reality show. They found out immediately and are calling my apartment management right as I’m typing this. I didn’t want her to do this because they already informed me they will go get the window today. There’s just no stopping her.

I’m now embarrassed about her calling the office. She also told me that when she gets back (they are flying to Canada to film this weekend and I normally would have her child on Monday) she wants to talk to me. I think I’m losing my job. She said she will figure out what to do because “I know you are honest and ___ and I like you a lot but your area has always scared me”… is what she left off on..

So yes.. Call the station or not call? Try to find another child right away via ads or give hope they will keep me? She has mentioned before she wanted to hire me to live there with them but I didn’t know how to cook and I’m afraid of stairs so she backed off on that for the time being.,
I do have renter’s insurance. The child’s home I can’t watch her in because they film their reality show there and I am not hired to be on TV. She has told me to keep quiet and not tell them we are hurt but also not tell them we are OK. She is hoping that this will get me out of my lease before it is up.. Yet.. I don’t think she realizes, even though she is paying me, along with 1 other person, I cannot afford anything else in the area. That’s why I came to this section.

Anyway, we will see. I did call the insurance. Thanks! With my head spinning I didn’t even think about it.

Administrator answers:

That’s happened to me! Kind of, the guy wasn’t under the influence and he swerved to avoid another car, though both where speeding, scared the hell out of me as it was right at nap time. Anyway yes the guy should have been charged, with dangerous driving, DUI, something, I mean he flouted a number of laws! I wouldn’t bother with the police to be honest, its kind of clear they aren’t going to do anything.

Susan asks…

Help with moving to Chicago?

I was just offered a position in Chicago and I need to find a studio or 1 bedroom (highly unlikely) apartment by June. Since this is my first and biggest move any advice would be appreciated. Below are my guidelines:

*Can’t be in a bad area (I’m not familiar enough with the city to know what’s what)
*Rent must be at a maximum of $650 a month
*All utilities (minus internet/cable) should be included.
*Allows cats (it’s ok if there’s a fee)
*No minimum income restriction (i.e. I’m working one full time job and one part time, so…Money is tight).
*Close to public transportation (walking distance)

Thanks for any input! I appreciate it! Oh and I’m moving from Bowling Green, OH if that means anything…

Administrator answers:

You need to be more realistic.

You can’t going to find anything in a good area paying bad area rent. 650 a month is not going to be in a good neighborhood, you just have to accept that.

Expect to pay your own utilities. They could easily run close to that 650, no landlord can afford to rent that low, pay for taxes and insurance and your bills too, that isn’t enough money, he would be in the red before you even take a mortgage into account.

You can’t find anyplace without income requirements, they need to know you can pay the rent. Expect to pay 1/3rd of your income for rent, no more.

The cat and the public transportation you can do, the low income areas, which is the only place you can afford to live, will have both.

Michael asks…

Where Should I Live If I Am Attending Roosevelt University In Chicago?

I’m attending Roosevelt University for the Fall 2012 semester. I’m from Bloomington, Illinois where rent is considerably cheap. For a two bedroom; two bath apartment I was paying $520/person. I understand prices are going to change when getting into the Chicago area. However, I don’t want to be stuck living in student housing. I prefer a studio or one bedroom. I need it to be close to school within reason. I obviously want a decent place, however money is limited. $1000 rent is way too high for what I am looking for – haha. Please help…… Keep in mind money is tight, considering apartments are half the price if not more where I am from. – One last question – Do I need my vehicle? Parking prices seem a bit steep…
Thank you for all your help..

Administrator answers:

Ask the university housing office.

You do not need a vehicle. Chicago has excellent public transportation. You may need to commute on public transportation to the university if you want to live in a good area and pay less than $1000 a month. Buy a monthly transit pass.

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