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May 30, 2013

Linda asks…

Going in to the realworld can somebody help me?

Im 15 years old and first i should let you know my plan for the first 10 years of being in the realworld.I currently live in Beaumont Texas a minor city outside of Houston (Beaumont population: like 200,000) i want to move up to Chicago as soon as I turn 18 to start my adult life. The reason why i want too live here is because its just like New York city very urbanized and has a awesome skyline , it has a good/big gay community, i dont like like it down here theres abunch of cons about texas and 3,000,000 illegal imigrants come over the mexican border every year and settle in texas sence its a right to work state and they take all of our jobs and make it harder to find jobs and you get paid way less than up north. However up there you dont have that problem because Illinois is not a right to work state. As my first job i either want to work at a “highend” clothing store sush as Saks, Burberry, Ralph Lauren etc.,a pharmacy such as CVS, or Walgreens, or a cell phone store like Verizon Wireles which u get good comision at those are all good career categories i have interests in.

I hope to work my way up to assistant maneger and then maneger. those places i mentioned most likely have a assistant manegement training program for peole who dont have degrees. If i start working there how do i get into that program? How long will it take to become assistant maneger?

when i start off as just a team member i will probably make minimum wage (about 7 bucks) times 12 hours a day times 5 days a week times 4 weeks in a month which will make me $1680 without that certain percent of taxes or social sucurity or whatever it is they take out of your earnings taken out .I want a studio apartment, i dont want a car thow cause im going to use public mass transit and put like 500 into a savings account each month to buy a suberban house in Arlington Heights or Lincoln Park when in my mid to late 20′s and have $500 left to pay other bills with/ go out to eat with / shop with. Moving to a new major city im faced with having to make freinds from scratch with co workers or join a fitnes center and make freinds with some regulars there or at some other venue like a resterant or somthing.

take this information and give me feedback of information about all this it can be about anything. i just want suggestions/comments/help/info from a 3rd party. because when i talk to my mom about it she tells me its cold up there and tries to talk me out of it when part of my reason of wanting to move up there is to get away from my nutty family and this environment down south (thats another story) lol.please help me!!

Administrator answers:

It is always good to have a plan, but you need to realize that the plan will not always go as you wish it to.

You will not immediately get a management (or even assistant manager) position, and a lot of jobs do not allow 60 hour work weeks, so that is going to diminish your ‘expected’ income, according to your plan, drastically. In fact, when first hired many companies hire on a part time basis because it allows them to give the new employee a ‘trial’ and they are not required to provide benefits that they must give to full time employees.

There are going to be many other people wanting the same job position you want. You need to make yourself stand out. To do that, you need an education. You do not mention how old you are now, but I woudl get a job now so you have experience. It will increase your chances of getting into a managerial position quickly. Do not drop out of school, though-in fact, you should look into taking classes at your local community college.

There is a recession right now, and jobs are hard to come by because many companies are having to downsize. You should save up money, because once you get to Chicago, it might be several weeks or even months before you find a job. Be open to working in somewhere you find less-than-desirable in order to earn an income while you look for your dream job-it might be McDonald’s.

Also, lets investigate your income. 1680 a month is NOT a lot, and after taxes it is going to be closer to 1200 a month. You will save by not having a vehicle (gas, maintenance, insurance, and of course the cost of the vehicle itself) but you will have to pay for your rent (which I know is 7-800 in smaller cities-Chicago is likely to be more), your public transportation, your food, clothes, medical expenses (you will not have insurance, I assume, because that will eat up your income and most companies do not provide it until an employee has been with them for a period of time), not to mention a landline, cell phone, cable/satellite, internet, electricity, water…

If you want to buy a house, you are going to have to have outstanding credit as well-so you need to make certain none of those bills get behind or it is going to effect your plans for a future home).

It IS cold up there, but that is not a reason not to go. If you want to move there, by all means do but you need to have a better plan than you have now-it is a good start, but it is not “real life”. And, while you might not realize it now…a lot of young people spend their entire teen years wanting to run away from the one thing they long to return to when they are older. I understand crazy family (I have them), but they will also be your greatest allies in life unless they are abusive or something.

I do wish you the best…

Mary asks…

Does anyone have a specific apartment building they think is nice to live in in Lincoln Park?

I’m looking eventually to relocate to Chicago and move to a Lincoln Park apartment, either studio or 1 bedroom for about $1,000 a month. Does anyone know of a good building they’ve lived in in Lincoln Park and can recommend from personal experience? Looking on craigslist is OK, but I don’t know what the landlord or building is really like.

Administrator answers:

Let me give you this advice, be careful with all of the management companies in that area. There are a lot of really old buildings in that neighborhood, and the larger buildings with more affordable rent tend to have not been rehabbed…
In some cases that can be okay, lots of old apartments are much more sold than some new ones. My first apartment in Lincoln Park was a beautiful little two bedroom apartment that I was renting from these guys:
Everything seemed okay, but once I moved in there were lots of problems that just weren’t able to be fixed. For one thing the plumbing was ancient and every drain was wicked slow, so sometimes I would end up standing in maybe a foot of my girlfriend’s shower water. Second we had one breaker for our electric, so if I had my air on and tried to turn on my computer or make a cup of coffee, I’d have to go three floors down to turn my power back on.

So I have a friend who just moved into a studio at 1904 north Lincoln which is an excellent location. The studios are going for just under a thousand, and they may be a bit smaller than what you’re looking for but the building is nice, and the apartments and everything are new rehabs.

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