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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In Chicago

August 1, 2012

Linda asks…

How much are studio apartments in Chicago and the surrounding areas?

I am planning to eventually move to Chicago from out in California and I am trying to see about how much money I will have to make monthly. The area doesn’t really matter as long as it has access to the El.

Administrator answers:

400 to 2300
You may like this one:

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I do not know where you are at in California, but I do not know anyone who will live ANYWHERE in the greater Chicago area.

Richard asks…

How much would utilities cost for a studio apartment in Chicago, IL?

I’m doing a project for my Economics class and I need to know the cost of utilities for a studio apartment in Chicago, IL. Separate prices for Electric, Trash/water/sewage, Cable/satellite bills, etc..
Please help me out!

Administrator answers:

Electricity should run about $75 per month. If you use alot of airconditioning it will be higher in hot weather. Trash is always a fixed amount, maybe $10 month. Water is about $15 per month, Cable tv is about $50 for basic cable. You also have gas which is about $10 in the summer and $50 or more in the winter. The landlord usually pays the water and trash and sometimes hot water heating.

James asks…

Question about housing in a studio apartment in Chicago, IL?

Ok so basically my girlfriend an I want to move into a studio apartment together in Chicago, IL. Rent with free heat comes to 500 a month. Now we will both together be making 1.1 grand 1.8 grand while going to college. Question is without car insurance and about 80 to spend on gas a month, what other bills do I have and will I be able to cover it? We only eat about 100-150 whorth of food a month.

Administrator answers:

(a) you cannot find an apartment for that amount
(b) you cannot drive without insurance
(c) you cannot find parking in the city
(d) 80 dollars is not enough gas money.
(e) you cannot survive on 150 dollars of food per month

David asks…

What’s a good price for a studio apartment in Chicago? 1 Bedroom? 2 Bedroom? And a Luxury Studio?

Also: What’s the difference between a studio, luxury studio, and a one bedroom?

Administrator answers:

I never heard of a luxury studio. I guess it’s freshly rehabbed?
Studio – 900 to 1300
Junior 1BR – 1200 to 1500
1bedroom – 1200 to 1900
2bedroom – 1600 up

It depends a great deal on where the apartment is located. I live in Chicago, and work in the rental market, but since I have a condo I’m a bit out of touch with the prices. You could for search yourself, here:

Nancy asks…

Great studio apartment in Chicago for college student?

I plan on attending University of IL Chicago. Do you know of any great reasonably priced studios in a great location close to the train line

Administrator answers:

Check the Chicago Reader Website. They have a good number of listings with photos.

Sandy asks…

Where would I be able to get a studio apartment in Chicago? And how much would it cost monthly, roughly?

Administrator answers:

It really depends on where you want to live. I met someone who has a studio off of Mag Mile, and she pays over $1000/month, which is just insane. I’m in Lakeview and pay approx $700/month, utilities included. I know there are cheaper places north of me, but I love the neighborhood.

You can try one of the apartment finding services – there are tons in Chicago, and they don’t charge you a fee to help you find a place.

Thomas asks…

How can I rent a studio apartment in Chicago, IL with a 12-month lease if I have poor credit (526-576 score)?

Administrator answers:

Try to rent from owner , not from management company and expect to pay bigger deposit.

Mandy asks…

Should I live in a studio apartment or with a girl roommate who ive only met once (ladies opinion only please)?

My GF and I recently split after 3 years and now we are both looking for a new place in chicago. Ladies do you think it is more respectable for me to be living in a studio apartment downtown Chicago or living with another girl in a two bedroom apartment downtown Chicago? I have both options but I’m having a hard time deciding. I’m 28 and the new roommate is 30 whom i’ve only met once. What do you find more respectable?

Administrator answers:

Without a doubt. No question. Absolutely.
The Studio. Your 28, get your own place. Meet someone new.
Get on with your life.


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