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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In Los Angeles

October 2, 2012

Lisa asks…

How much is a month’s rent for a basic studio apartment in Los Angeles?

Administrator answers:

Bad ghetto is about 1000, and it goes up from there to several thousand.

Thomas asks…

looking for nice apartments in los angeles area, studio city, n. hollywood,burbank,van nuys for about $1200 mo?

Administrator answers:

Studio city and burbank are nice…No. Hollywood is not so bad either, but I would stay away from Van Nuys. You might also look in Glendale and Toluca Lake.

Maria asks…

how many people can live in a studio in los angeles?

how many people can live in a studio or a 2 bedroom apartment in los angeles??

Administrator answers:

3 for about a year.
Then the fights and the resentment start.

The more people you add, the less it will last.

John asks…

Where can I find the best listings for inexpensive studio/apartment rentals in Los Angeles County?

Administrator answers:

Look for rental properties in the internet

Charles asks…

Can you find a studio apartment for 500$ in Los Angeles?

I’d like to live in studio city or north hollywood. Is it even possible to find a 1 bed or studio apartment for 500$?

Administrator answers:

You might find one of those flea bag motels renting for that a month. You will have to drive there, they will not advertise. Look for the pimps and drug dealers hanging about, they will be your neighbors.

I would advise you to arm yourself.

Lizzie asks…

Are there any apartments in Los Angeles that take people with evictions?

Due to different circumstances, i have two evictions on my record, and kind of bad credit with a score of about 500. Anyways, I am currently looking for a reasonably priced studio, maybe in studio city, los feliz, hollywood… and am wondering if anyone can please send me in the right direction?

Administrator answers:

You will need an alley apartment in the heart of the ghetto. You will have to look in person, those kind of places do not advertise. Unless you have lots of cash you may have to settle for a flea bag motel.

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