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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In New York

June 10, 2013

William asks…

legit site to find apartments in new york city?

hi im looking to find a place in nyc brooklyn queens or the bronx. either a one bedroom or studio for at 700 at the most. i dont care if its a piece of crap i just need a place. i tried craiglist put it to complicated wheni put my max is 700 it still shows up apartments that are like 3 grand a month. some other sites i been to seem fake or pishy..please anyone know where i can search?

Administrator answers:


Helen asks…

Do you share a home with someone with the rooms for rent in New York?

If not, is it like a studio apartment?-I mean, like if I were to rent a room in New York, would I have my own bathroom &/or kitchen to myself?

Administrator answers:

You can find almost any arrangement you care to imagine in New York. I think the most common is a room to yourself, sometimes with your own bathroom, rarely with your own kitchen (once you have all three you really have your own apartment, not a share). Of course, all else being equal, the more privacy you get, the more expensive it will be. Check out the listings on

Joseph asks…

Is It A Better Investment To Buy A One Or Two Bedroom Apartment In New York City?

My friend tells me that I will never sell a studio or one bedroom apartment and that I should only buy a two bedroom home.

Is this true…because I really do not want a two bedroom apartment…
Yes, I plan to live in it for 5 years than sell for a maximum profit…

Administrator answers:

The operative words here are investment and buy.

You have already committed to a capital investment which means all the money is coming out of your pocket and apparently up front meaning you will get hit for school and property taxes based on the size of your apartment and the area you choose to reside in.

If you actually are planning on flipping this property in a short period size matters. A two bedroom will go faster than a studio or a single because there are less of them on the market.

But this sounds like a long term investment, 5 years or more, and the questions you should be thinking about in city planning and zoning for that property five years down the way. Will the property be worth what you are going to pay into it, plus utilities, and extras.

Sure you can get a room mate to share expenses and thereby reduce your costs but that may be what your friend is thinking with this advice. I have no Idea.

But in general a double will sell before a single all other things being equal, but it will cost you more in taxes and monthly expenses.

The answer is true.

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