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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In New York

August 10, 2013

Mandy asks…

Is it legal to charge different rental amounts based on the number of people in an apartment?

I was providing someone a link to classified ads and happened to see a rental advertisement just now for a studio apartment. The rental was listed as $825 a month for one person, $860 a month for two people.

Is it legal to charge different rental amounts based on the number of tenants in an apartment? If so, does it matter whether or not utilities are included in the rent?

Administrator answers:

Unless there is a prohibition in the local laws — like new York has very strict rental laws — I don’t think that there is anything that prohibits charging more rent for more people in the unit. If the landlord is paying for the utilities, it makes sense to charge for more people in the unit.

That said…as a landlord for almost 40 years, the absolute worst trashed house I ever rented was to a single, middle aged woman, with a dog. She was a trip! Poochie never went outside. She just put papers, upon papers, upon papers on the floor. And she put her tampons behind the dresser. And she urinated and defecated where ever she felt like doing it. After she moved out, we let the local fire department burn down the house as a training exercise!

You just never know!

Charles asks…

Where can I buy a set of eletric drums in New York City ?

I wanna buy a set of electric drums … I own a studio apartment in Manhattan so I don’t wanna invest so much money nor take so much space in my apt.

A store where they sell them under 500 bucks.

I went to many stores in Midtown and small sets even cost 1000 bucks.

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately, NYC is just too expensive to allow retailers to offer you much of a bargain. However, Craigslist is always an option and there are plenty of college students in your area who need the money. Check some youtube vid reviews and read reviews on Amazon to research the kind of sets you are looking for (dimensions are usually included in the product description area). Write up a decent craigslist ad saying what brands/models you want, select the people who actually sound human and have integrity, and then meet up. You may also set up a google alert to tell you when a certain model is for sale on craigslist – then you’ll get a bunch of emails. You may also find that an older set would sell for less even though it will be just fine for your needs. Lots of information, but finding deals usually means more work.


Daniel asks…

How much would it cost to live in NYC comfortably?

Not really luxuriously…I’m thinking a decent one bedroom or studio apartment, not TOO far away from the city. I don’t spend much money on clothes or food, I’m the kind of person who shops at thrift shops and looks for good deals at the grocery store. How much money would i have to earn annually to live there?

Administrator answers:

= These are the apartment to rent around Manhattan..

=$2769 – $7362
1 – 5 Bedrooms
1 – 3 Bath
Archstone 101 West End – New York, NY 10023
Receive a $0 security deposit upon application approval.

= $2300 – $5250
Studio, 1 – 2 Bedrooms
1 – 2 Bath
Park Towers South – New York, NY 10019
Park Towers South is a newly renovated luxury high-rise building located

John asks…

What is a reasonable fee for a lawyer assisting in the closing a co-op sale in nyc?

In New York City, I believe it’s a necessity to have a lawyer present at the closing sale of a co-op. What would be the typical fee that I could expect to pay when selling a large studio apartment? Thanks…

Administrator answers:

Well i am not sure how they work it out in Ny but some of the lawyers here in PA takes a % of what you sold the apartment/house for…

Lisa asks…

What is New York City average living cost?

I’m talking about a single person, how much would i need average to maybe live in a Studio apartment in Manhattan, or maybe the upper east side, including transportation, food, light bill, water bill, clothing, lets say a movie or 2 a month… How much would be the minimum needed to live “okay”.
Thanks any information is accepted.

Administrator answers:

Well, the link below is to an article about how expensive it REALLY is to live in New York City, the most expensive city in the entire USA.

As a local politician recently said: “The entrance fee to live here [in New York City] is a million-dollar condo.” — Scott Stringer, Manhattan Borough President – NY Times, July 4, 2010

Good luck!… ?

Mary asks…

how much do I have to make annually to live comfortably in NYC?

I’m planning on going to school to become a movie makeup artist and from what I’ve read they only make about $50,000 a year. I would like to live in NYC but I’m not sure if that’s enough to live comfortably. I find just a small studio apartment is comfortable enough for me.

Administrator answers:

To live here, you want your rent to be no more that 1/40 of your salary.
1/40 of $50,000 is about $1250 so that is the max you should go.
Keep in mind that there will be a rent increase at the end of the lease
so if you are not getting a raise or saving, you are going to be in trouble
or will have to start looking a roommate if your current lease allows it.


Michael asks…

What kind of place could I get in NYC?

On a strict budget of $3500 per month to cover food, rent, utilities, and pocket money for a single person with no pets who is going to college, what sort of place could I get in New York City? I’d LOVE to live in Manhattan (I especially love Chelsea), but I’d like to live somewhere that is at the very least clean and in a relatively crime-free area. I’d take a roommate if it would really be worth it, but I’d prefer to live alone. A studio apartment would be fine with me.


Administrator answers:

You do not have enough money to live alone, not even with a roommate in Manhattan. The dorms are your best bet and may be the only thing you can afford, there just isn’t much there for under 1,200 a month, about all you can afford for rent.

Donna asks…

I have a square bedroom with 4 walls, how many walls should I make brick?

I’m getting “brick paneling” for my bedroom and I don’t know if I should make my whole room brick or just one wall.

I want the theme of my bedroom to be a “New York City Studio Apartment”.

Administrator answers:

Just do one wall, that will be enough. If possible, use the wall which has no doors or windows on it. If thats not possible, then do it on the wall that is opposite the window.

Paul asks…

Where online, can I find reputable studio apartments for rent in Jackson Heights, NY?

Where online, can I find reputable studio apartments for rent in Jackson Heights, NY?

Administrator answers:

Here is a link to all of the apartments in Jackson Heights, NY Once you are there near the top you can narrow down your search by changing the criteria to a studio apartment and you minimum and maximum rent.

Good Luck, apartment finding is stressful!

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