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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In Nyc

August 3, 2013

David asks…

what kind of job would you have to have to afford a small studio apartment in nyc?

i dont really care on the size of the apartment (right now im only in 9th grade so i dont really know what kind of job ill have) but about what kind of jobs would you need to be able to make enough to afford one?

Administrator answers:

In NYC, I’ve only lived in Manhattan and Brooklyn, so I’ll give advice based on those two boroughs.

Almost all studios in NYC are “small”, but what you may think of as “small” might actually be “huge” by NY standards. Assuming you want a shower in the bathroom (rather than in the kitchen or living area), space for a real bed rather than just a futon, and to live in a neighborhood where you can safely leave or come home after dark, a small Manhattan studio will average around $1,500 a month at today’s prices. In Brooklyn, you can probably chop about 20% off of that (keeping the same requirements).

What does that mean in terms of salary? It’s not uncommon (though perhaps not recommended) for New Yorkers to spend half of their take-home pay on rent. When you don’t have a car or insurance payment, that’s a lot easier to swing. So, assuming you want to spend half your take-home on rent, you need to make $3k a month after taxes, so about $4.6k before taxes (fed, state, and local). That translates to $55k a year before taxes or about $26/hour.

What pays that in NYC? Assuming you’re going to college, most jobs you’ll land in NYC outside of the creative fields will pay somewhere in that neighborhood (some a little more, some a little less). An accounting or finance job will put you there pretty easily starting out. Same for math-based trades like Architecture or Engineering. Law or Medicine will put you well above that starting out. Journalism, Media, Publishing will put you well below that starting out. In the long run, pretty much any job you get as a college graduate will get you there eventually – just depends on how long you want to wait, and what interests you.

Good luck!

Donna asks…

What is the average rent for a studio apartment in nyc?

Administrator answers:

Probably about 1200-1500 a month but it’s much cheaper outside of manhattan

Mary asks…

how high would the rent be for a studio apartment in the nyc area?

im planning on living off campus with my boyfriend so i was wondering what to expect for rent.
im assuming manhattan would be the most expensive so it would be great if you could give me a number for

Administrator answers:

Manhattan $2,400
All others $1,400. /

Donald asks…

How to determine what percentage of a studio apartment is living space (vs closets, kitchen?)?

I am looking at studio apartments in NYC, and they’ll say things like “500 square feet” for the apartment size, but I know that includes kitchen, bathroom, etc, so I’m trying to figure out how much living space % I can expect to actually get out of the total size.

Administrator answers:

There is no standard percentage. Some floor plans are much more efficient than others- lack hallways and such. Besides there are a lot of people that want a huge part of the square footage in the kitchen and bath.

James asks…

Is It Possible to Share a Studio Apartment in NYC or the surrounding Burroughs?

I will be finding a job in NYC and will be staying in the NYU dorms for the summer until August to look for a place to stay on a more permanent basis.

I know NYC is an expensive place to live in, so I was wondering if people ever share studio apartments in the city or within any of the surrounding Burroughs. I’ve stayed in a large place in Brooklyn and I felt like I was just wasting money.

Lack of space is not a huge issue since I am never home anyways. I would prefer to live in the Manhattan area since I often work until 2-3 in the morning when I do my editing work and would feel much better walking around Manhattan that late at night (and the cab is much more affordable)

Location (closeness to Manhattan or a subway stop)
Safety (I’m an independent woman and would like to feel safe walking around by myself)
Budget (I think $700-$1200 per month for my share of rent including utilities would be ideal) I doubt it would be lower than 700, but if I’m wrong, enlighten me. If I could get my own bedroom for this range, I would be okay with that as well) Not buying/using a car makes this number higher than it would be if I was outside of the area

Areas I’m considering to live in
Manhattan (I pretty much like it all from Brooklyn Bridge to Harlem)
Brooklyn (I hang out there too, but I would like to be near a subway stop so I don’t have to walk a long time in the middle of the night to get home)
Queens (I rarely hang out here, but I heard it can be affordable)

I just like to live cheaply. I travel often and have little in the way of possessions. I’ve also studied abroad in Asia for 3 years and have gotten used to small spaces/bathrooms

It would be nice to have a bathroom inside the apartment and a stove.

Tell me if this is realistic. Also, if you know of any roommate matching services, tell me. ;)

Administrator answers:

I recommend Astoria/Long Island City. You can stay near the N-train for easy & fast commute into the city. Share a 2 or 3 bedroom place, you’ll definitely be able to afford that in Astoria. You could probably get a studio here for about $1000 or $1200 a month. I have a 1-bedroom in Astoria, farther from the train & the rent is lower too.

Mark asks…

what is the difference between a studio apartment and a two bedroom apartment in nyc?

Administrator answers:

A studio is one room where your kitchen area and living area are in one space. A two bedroom has separate rooms with two bedrooms.

Mandy asks…

What kind of job should I get to live in NYC?

In two years, I’ll be in college.
My dream is to go to college in New York City and become a psychologist/hypnotherapist:)
My question is:
Which is best; living on campus or living in an apartment?
And I’m thinking of renting out a studio apartment throughout college and after.
What’s a good price range to look for when looking for a studio apartment in NYC?
And my biggest question is,
What kind of job should I get in the meantime to pay for a studio apartment, food, and other necessities when living in NYC?

Administrator answers:

Well arent you dreaming big.
Staying on campus may be cheaper for you but living in an apartment may be better
if i were you i would live in brooklyn or queens and then take the train to the city. Manhattan is just too expensive. Depending on the neighborhood a studio may run you $1000
youll need a job that pays well. 1 waitressing job wont cut it. A lot of people share apartments. Sometimes you have 3 people living in a 2 bedroom apartment. Rent is just that expensive

Robert asks…

Studio apartment in NYC ?

Do you live in a studio apartment, if so what area and how much is your rent monthly

Administrator answers:

Are you asking for just Manhattan?

In S.I i have a two bedroom apt. Pay $1,200 a month with all utilities included, the area is not bad either, by South beach. As a college student i can’t afford to pay 2,000 a month for a studio.

I work and go to school in the city though.

George asks…

What is meant by a “walk-in studio” apartment in nyc apartment listings?

Administrator answers:

Separate entrance, as in you don’t have to go through a lobby to get to it.

First floor (vs. Walkup, walkdown with no elevators).

Studio means it’s one giant room with closets, bath and kitchen attached.

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