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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In San Diego

October 3, 2012

Michael asks…

I shall go to live in San Diego for a few months, where can I get a nice studio or apartment??

Also I can live in a realy small place I do not realy care, but I can not live in a bad area or neiborhood, so place tellme where can I get a cheap please in a good area?? I do not care if is just a room

Administrator answers:

San Diego County has many cities, all within minutes of one another. The places where you can get a studio or 1-bedroom apartment of a more reasonable price are:

Lakeside or Santee – both approx 25 minutes to downtown San Diego

El Cajon, La Mesa, Spring Valley – all approx 20 minutes to downtown San Diego

Escondido – approx 45-60 minutes to downtown San Diego

Ramona – approx 45 minutes to downtown San Diego

These areas of town are reasonably priced and there are nicer areas of each city and not so nice areas. I do have to tell you though that it is quite expensive to live here, and even in the cheaper parts of San Diego County, a studio apartment can range in price from $700 – 1200.00 per month, depending upon the age of the building, the part of town, the amenities offered etc.

One thing to know when you are looking:
East County is less expensive than North County, and is closer to San Diego
South Bay is south of San Diego and is closer to Mexico
North Central or North Coastal areas refer to areas about 30 minutes or more driving time from downtown San Diego and involve driving on freeways that have a reputation for heavy traffic jams (Hwy 15 and Hwy 5). If you want a reasonably priced home, I’d stick with something in East San Diego County. It will be cheapest and is closer to the hub of activity in San Diego itself.

Some links you can check out for housing are:

I did go to the last link I posted,
and I noticed several listings in East San Diego County that were pretty reasonable. You get what you pay for though, so be careful.

If you are interested in finding a room to rent or other alternative rentals, you can try the San Diego Union (newspaper) website’s classifieds at:

Good luck. Hope this helps.

Robert asks…

How long could i live a descent life style in the San Diego area with 100k and no job?

I plan on renting an 1 bedroom or studio apartment that is in a relatively safe neighborhood.

Administrator answers:

Well you leave out lots of info but lets assume:
1500 for rent and utilities(may be less, I’m rounding up, San Diego is an expensive area to live in)
500 for food. You said a descent life style, so I’m assuming you want to eat out at nice resturants etc.
1000 a month for misc. Items- car payment, car insurance, play money etc.
$3000 a month X 12 months= $36,000
$100,000/$36,000= almost 3 yrs. I would say at least 3yrs since like I said, I rounded up.

Sandy asks…

What is a safe, yet affordable, area to live in San Diego County?

I don’t necessarily want to live on the beach, but within 5 to 10 miles would be nice. I’ll need a studio apartment under $800 and would like to live in a relatively safe neighborhood.

Any advice/information is greatly appreciated. :)

Administrator answers:

As far as large cities go San Diego is relatively safe.

Don’t look south of downtown (stay north of the 94 freeway)

try to stay west of the 805 freeway

keep out of places like City Heights

try looking in places like Clairemont & North Park & Ocean Beach

if you can afford 900. ~ 950. For a studio that will open up many more options for you ( like Hillcrest )

Mark asks…

is there any place in san diego that is like new york city?

I am moving to san diego from nyc, i am looking for apartments, and i’m looking for somewhere with a downtown, very urban feel like nyc if at all possible. i want to be able to walk to transportation if need be.

i am looking for a studio or one bedroom. can anyone tell me the name of neighborhoods or areas i should be looking in?

Administrator answers:

I agree with rosco_19. The two cities have different mentalities. The weather is different, the way people dress is different, and the things that make us/them tick are different. Both really nice cities, but both differernt.

Ruth asks…

What’s an decent paying job that I can get to support myself in a studio while going to school?

I don’t want to live with my mother and I live in a really expensive city (San Diego); what type of job can I get so that I can live OK in a studio apartment in while attending college? I really hate the idea of a roommate.

Administrator answers:

Exotic dancer!

David asks…

Where should I live in San Diego?

Hi all. I will be attending UCSD starting next fall, and I am not really sure where in San Diego I should be looking for apartments, as I live in the Sacramento area currently. I need something that is relatively close to school, even on a bus line that goes to campus if possible. I’m not big into parties, and I’d like to find a quiet, safe neighbourhood as I am a 19 year old female living alone. I’d like to find a studio or 1 bedroom apartment, if possible between $700-$1,000 per month. Thank you in advance for your help!

Administrator answers:

Since you are going to ucsd which is right by where I work,i would suggest an area close to campus called University City,rent is a little expensive so you might want to considera roommate type of situation.I am born and raised my whole life in San Diego and I truely believe it is americas finest city.hope this helped

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