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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In San Francisco

July 14, 2013

Nancy asks…

Looking for apartments in San Francisco?

looking for an apartment in san francisco not to far from fishermans dwarf, going to school for graphic design and looking for a studio or a 1 bed room apartment that is under $1400 a month for rent. Help Please

Administrator answers:

You could check out Trovit apartment search:
I used it when I was looking for a place to rent.

Good luck!

Carol asks…

What are some good rental websites to find an apartment in San Francisco?

Need a studio apartment that allows 2 cats and costs around $1000. Any advice?

Administrator answers:

Since you are a Yahoo user, why not try the following link:

Good luck with your search.

Paul asks…

What is the best time of year to look for an inexpensive apartment in San Francisco?

I would really love to move into a studio apartment in the Marina, Pac Heights, pr Presidio Heights areas but I am not willing to pay more than $1300. I will be starting graduate school in October (masters in education) as I’ll then be switching careers from sales to teaching in 2 years time. So I’m definitely trying to watch my wallet, yet still live in a nice, safe and convenient area. So I’d like to do my search at the right time of year when rents are typically lower.

Administrator answers:

They are never low here. If you are in sales it is a simple supply and demand problem. With the limited supply until the demand drops the prices won’t. Your best bet is if gas goes higher and the economy goes in the toilet they may go down. Problem is so could your wages.

Ken asks…

Anyone sublet apartment in san francisco city area? Studio, one bed-room?

Administrator answers:

Yes, a lot of people.

If its not on Craigslist, its not anywhere….

Linda asks…

Are there apartment complexes with studios under $650 in South San Francisco,Daly City, or Colma?

I will be a student in San Francisco on Fall 2009, but I want my own studio apartment ( with kitchen cause of my diet). I know I can’t find this is San Fran on such a budget. What are the names of some apartment complexes/duplex I could look into? These cities have Bart access. Quality does not matter.

I would appreciate it alot!

Administrator answers:

Not likely unless u share a unit.

They cost more than that 25 yrs ago.

However, have you visited the campus, “rooms to share” bulletin board?

Get back to me for more help.

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