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July 1, 2012

Donna asks…

what are SAFE areas to look for studio or 1-BR apt in the bay area?

I’m avoiding Pittsburg, Oakland & Richmond.

I’m looking for something around $1000 a month. Are the ones in Napa & Sonoma safe and nice? I’m not too concerned about commuting b/c I work from home most days.

Are there any safe areas of Oakland?

Administrator answers:

I’m not trying to be funny or anything but in the Bay area, Safe and $1000.00 a month don’t really go together. I would try and find a nice roommate first. Anywhere in Napa and Sonoma are safe. Remember though Anywhere is safe as long as you use good judgment

Steven asks…

what will be the best way to look for an EFF. or a STUDIO apt. in Springfiel, mo.?even a room w/family.?

I am not interested in ads by companies (apts. comlexes), would like to find ads/noticies by the little guys.

Administrator answers:

Newspaper classifieds and Craig’s List

Susan asks…

haunted studio apt–please help?

a neighbor (whom i didn’t know) passed away a week ago and lived directly below us in our small apartment building. the apt building is several decades old.

this morning, 4 am, i awoke to clanging pots and pans in complete darkness. i share a tiny studio apt with a roommate. i spoke to no one in particular to please be quiet b/c we’re sleep deprived students, and it quieted down in a couple of seconds.

(my roommate’s a late riser and was asleep during the clanging. and i only have 1 roommate.)

how do i approach this? and was this evidence of life after death (or merely an overactive imagination)? i’m in college, and i’m a fairly rational practical person but i’ve never gone thru this before. help?

Administrator answers:

I don’t know about your experience, all I can say it this, if I’m ever a ghost, and I get any choice in the matter whatsoever, I’m ain’t haunting no studio efficiency apartment. I’m going to be haunting me a mansion. I don’t care where I died, If I’m going to have to be a ghost, I’m going to do it in style!

James asks…

MY FIRST APT, renting a small studio, ad says no utilities included, what do I have to do?

Included Utilities: None

Whats everything that I need to get?

PGE? Water?

What’s the average cost per month I should expect for all utilities?

Administrator answers:

Power, water & sewer are the only ones required to survive. You may also want to get cable and phone service.

We cannot tell you what your monthly cost should be. Every place is different depending on how energy efficient it is. You should be able to call the utility providers and get an average for that unit.

Sandy asks…

Any single moms have exp living in a studio apt with a newborn? Or is a 1 bed apt worth the extra $$?

I’m a NEWLY SINGLE mother of a 4 day old infant son. I need to move b/c of financial reasons. I’ve found a studio apt for $625/mo. and a 1 bed apt for $725/mo. The $100/month extra for the 1 bed is not going to hurt my budget that much, but I want to pay off loans and be able to pay for child care. As far as the space of the two apts, which is better?

Administrator answers:

I’m also a single mom, I think if you think you can manage in the cheaper studio apt, then go for that. It’s only temporary. Right now, getting out of debt should be your top priority (after your child of course).

Mandy asks…

Bad situation: temporarily accommodating 4+ people in a studio apt?

Hello….some one please advise…
so my sister and brother in law in NJ in a studio apartment and we have our parents visiting us to the US for 1 month…the building security do not allow more than 2 people in a studio, but after negotiating a lot, they have agreed to let my parents live with them..

Now, I also need to go there for 3 weeks to be with my parents, but my brother in law says there is absolutely no chance that the building security will allow another person…and no one else is ready to show me off as their guest in the building…

now i am planning to stay at another friends place there in NJ, and frequently visit my parents and sister…but do not know if this is allowed…

Will the security allow me to spend most of my time there except for sleeping..or can they ask my sis and their family to vacate the apt if I go there very often…

Moreover, we cannot discuss this problem with the security because of the long negotiation that they had just for accommodating the parents..

Please advise…
the problem isn’t with we having problems being crowded, but the management not allowing so many people to stay….and im not sure if they’ll allow frequent long visits during the day even if im not sleeping over

Administrator answers:

Since you aren’t living there I don’t think they can prevent you from visiting. They can’t force your family to move but you can keep visiting until they say something then ask them what they would allow. Since you have an end date and aren’t sleeping over it shouldn’t be a problem if it is meet your family at a public place to visit like a restaurant or shopping mall.

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